African Student Association

Letter from the President

Jada Vaughn Olajide

Classification: Senior
Major: Psychology &  Sociology

jadaInitially I learned about the African Student Association (ASA) as an incoming freshman. With my mom being African American and my dad Nigerian, I always had family and friends who were in ASA. I attended the events with friends and saw the diversity between the African and African American cultures. What made me want to join is the pride that was displayed. I learned so much about my culture and got a better understanding of what it takes to be united and evolve as a people. I want to show people that our culture is beautiful and it’s worth showcasing.

ASA has definitely helped me in many different areas of life. The most recognizable change I see in myself is the development of my leadership skills. When I joined I knew right away that I wanted to go beyond the call of membership and actually make an impact on the organization. Being on the E-Board and consulting with other chapters and individuals has been very eye opening for me. Having the ability able to host events, seminars and gatherings with ASA has definitely helped me stay involved with my university and my peers.

I think the most important thing that I’ve brought to ASA is the widespread knowledge that this organization is more than just a group of Africans. Our membership is open to people of all colors, cultures, shapes and sizes. It’s about having fun, being proud, building our communities, keeping our values, carrying our culture, and coming together as people. If you are interested in membership please feel free to contact me or your favorite ASA member for more information.


The purpose of the African Student Association is to provide, within the Prairie View Community, an engaging environment for all peoples of African decent or interested in issues of African  concern. To reflect the wealth of African heritage through visual and performing arts. To bolster awareness to the Prairie View community about African politics, economics and society. To take part in social activism, mobilizing support around issues and activities that may from time to time arise affecting or of special interest to Africa and provide progressive leadership on issues affecting Africa. To provide a forum for the discussion and debate of matters of special interest to African liberation and development.

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