The Phi Chapter of Alpha Psi Lambda National Inc.

The Phi Chapter of Alpha Psi Lambda National Inc. was establish on Prairie View’s Campus on 2009.

Mission Statement

The mission statement of Alpha Psi Lambda emphasizes the importance we place on academics, diversity, and community involvement. “To promote continued personal and collective growth of our membership, success and unity through education, leadership, cultural awareness and community service.”

8 Purposes

  • Serve the university campus and community.
  • Bring forth on a scholastic level, Hispanics/Latinos and others at the university on the basis of friendship.
  • Provide a supplementary educational, social, and cultural experience for the mutual cultivation of its members.
  • Advocate for the needs and concerns of the Hispanic/Latino students.
  • Promote a basis for the diversity of the Hispanic/Latino cultures.
  • Enhance the educational experience through social and cultural activities, and assist in the development of members’ leadership abilities.
  • Promote inter-Fraternity relations.
  • Foster positive relations between the Greek system, University/College administration, and the outside community.

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