Dr. Natalia Hritonenko – Teaching


  •  Wide experience in teaching various graduate/ undergraduate courses in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Education, Statistics

  • Invited professor at universities in USA, Canada, UK, France, Belgium, Spain, Kazakhstan, Germany, Japan, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Italy, Poland, Australia

  • Integration of research with creative approaches to education

  • Research component in all courses taught

  • Development of new courses and support materials

  • Supervision of students’ research; the students receive 1st and 2nd prizes for their presentations and research

  • ACT preparation

  • Great experience in working with K-12 pre-service teachers

  • Innovative research in Mathematical Education

  • Working experience in multicultural environment and with minorities

  • Recipient of Awards for Excellence in Teaching in 2008, 2011, 2012, 2014

 Dr. Natali  with student over shoulder


  •  PhD Dissertation committee: Mr. Mahesh Patel, Title of a PhD dissertation: “New Approaches to Channel Coding and Link Quality Estimation”, Electrical  Engineering Dept., Prairie View A&M University, 2015

  • PhD Dissertation committee: Mr. Kirti Patel, Title of a PhD dissertation: “Graph Theoretic Routing Methodology For Mobile ad hoc Networks (MANET)”, Electrical  Engineering Dept., Prairie View A&M University, 2014

  • PhD Dissertation committee: Mr. Golam Rosul Khan, Title of a PhD dissertation: “Resource Efficient Distributed Ad-hoc Network Management System (DANMS)”, )”, Electrical  Engineering Dept., Prairie View A&M University, 2014

  • PhD Dissertation committee: Mr. Sharmistha Khan, Title of a PhD dissertation: “Highly Reliable Multi Service Provisioning Using Sequential Prediction Of Zone and PL&T Tracking of Nodes in Mobile Networks”, Electrical  Engineering Dept., Prairie View A&M University, 2014

  • PhD Dissertation committee: Mr. Prabesh Dongol, Title of a PhD dissertation: “End To End Quality Of Service Of assurance for Multi- Ervice Provisioning for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (Manet)”, )”, Electrical  Engineering Dept., Prairie View A&M University, 2014

  • PhD Dissertation committee: Mr. Justin O. James, Dissertation: Cross-layer Link Adaptation Strategies for Multimedia in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, 2012

  • PhD Dissertation committee: Niraj Shakhakarmi, Dissertation: Position Location and Tracking for Detection of Malicious Nodes by Maintaining Friendly Nodes in Mobile Ad hoc Networks, 2011

  • M.S. Math Graduate Advisor: Santos Pedraza Mathematical Model of Streptococcus Pneumoni, Department of Mathematics, 2013

  • M.S. Math Graduate Advisor: Deonica Paxton Size-structured Model of Forest Management and Carbon Sequestration, Department of Mathematics, 2012

  • Undergraduate Mentor: Amie Rollie, Mikaela Dulan A Size-structured Model of Forest Dynamics, the 3rd annual STEAM Research Symposium, Prairie View A&M University, Feb. 17, 2012-1st place

  • Undergraduate Mentor: A. Rollie, R. Baxter, Optimal control in age-dependent models in epidemiology and demography, Abstracts of Papers Presented to the American Mathematical Society (Boston, January 2012), 33(2012), No.1, p.343 (ISSN 0192-5857)

  • Undergraduate Mentor: Tracy Shields Integral Age Dependent Model of Harvesting in Biological Population at 2nd Research Symposium “Expanding the Scope of Research”, Prairie View A&M University, March 4,2011 , won 1st place

  • Graduate Mentor: Paxton, Sustainable Forest Management, Logging Size, and Carbon Sequestration under Climate Changes, Abstracts of Papers Presented to the American Mathematical Society (New Orleans, January 2011), 32(2011), No.1, p.282 (ISSN 0192-5857)

Grad Students 3 2012



Advanced Analysis                             MATH 5773

Complex Analysis I                             MATH 5023

Intermediate Analysis                         MATH 5753

Complex Analysis II                            MATH 5033

Special Problems                                 MATH 5103

Mathematical Modeling                     MATH 5273



Advanced Calculus                                             MATH 4083

Introduction to Complex Analysis                    MATH 4223

Advanced Mathematics for Engineering        MATH 4173

Numerical Analysis                                             MATH 4063

Mathematical Modeling and Applications      MATH 4003

Mathematics Colloquium                                  MATH 4001

History of Mathematics                                      MATH 3103

Abstract Algebra II                                               MATH 3312

Abstract Algebra I                                                 MATH 3312

Calculus III                                                            MATH 3024

Principle of Statistics                                          MATH 3033

Differential Equations                                        MATH 2043

Calculus II                                                             MATH 2024

Business Calculus                                              MATH 2153

Calculus I                                                              MATH 1124

Finite mathematics                                             MATH 1153

Applied Calculus                                                 MATH 1325

Algebra and Trigonometry                                MATH 1115

Trigonometry                                                       MATH 1123

College Algebra                                                   MATH 1113

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