Vol. 2, Issue 2 (December 2007)

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Vol. 2, Issue 2 (December  2007) pp. 66 – 166
                                                                                                                (Previously, Vol. 2, No. 2)

1. Jian-ao Lian
Bidimensional PR QMF With FIR Filters, 66 - 78
PDF Document

 2. V. P. Srivastava
Effects of an Inserted Endoscope on Chyme Movement in Small Intestine – A Theoretical Model, 79 – 91
PDF Document

 3. Mohammed El-doma
Age-Structured Population Model With Cannibalism, 92 - 106
PDF Document

4. Pavlina Jordanova
On the Total Duration of Negative Surplus of a Risk Process with Two-Step Premium Function107 - 121
PDF Document

5. D. N. Riahi
On Mathematical Modeling, Nonlinear Properties and Stability of Secondary Flow in a Dendrite Layer, 122 - 135
PDF Document

 6. Jian-ao Lian
A New Family of PR Two Channel Filter Banks136 - 143
PDF Document

 7. Mohamed El-doma
Stability Analysis for the Curtin-McCamy’sAge-Structured Population Dynamics Model, 144 - 151
PDF Document

8. T. Allahviranloo, F. Hosseinzade, M. Adabitabar Firozaja
Fuzzy Efficiency Measure with Fuzzy Production Possibility Set, 152 - 166
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