Vol. 7, Issue 2, (December 2012)

Applications and Applied Mathematics

An International Journal (AAM)
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Vol. 7 Issue 2 (December 2012)                                                             pp. 488 – 734

(1) N. Taghizadeh and M. Mirzazadeh
Modification of Truncated Expansion Method for Solving Some Important Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations, 488 – 499
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(2) Veysel Fuat Hatipoglu, Zeynep Fidan Kocak and Deniz Ucar
On Stability od Dynamic Equations on Time Scale via Dichotomic Maps, 500507
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(3) Toufik Mansour and Mark Shattuck
Generalization of Two Statistics on Linear Tiling, 508 – 533
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(4) O.P. Misra and Preety Kalra
Effect of Rising Temperature Due to Ozone Depletion on the Dynamics of a Prey-Predator System: A Mathematical Model, 534 – 555
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(5) Mustafa Gulsu and Yalcin Ozturk
On the Numerical Solution of Linear Fredholm-Volterra Integro Differential Equations with Piecewise Intervals, 556 – 570
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(6)Effat Golpar-Raboky
A New Approach for Computing WZ Factorization, 571 – 584
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(7) Praveen Agarwal
Further Results on Fractional Calculus of Saigo Operators, 585 – 594
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(8)N.H. Sweilam, M.M. Khader and A.M. Mahdy
Numerical Studies for Solving Fractional Riccati Differential equations, 595 – 608
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(9)M. Sajjad, Z. Abbas, N. Ali and T. Javed
Stretching a Surface Having a Layer of Porous Medium in Viscous Fluid, 609 – 618
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(10) Hasan Bulut and H. Mehmet Baskonus
On the Geometric Interpretations of the Klein-Gordon Equation and Solution of the Equation by Homotopy Perturbation Method, 619 – 635
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(11) Abdolsaeed Alavi and Asghar Ghorbani
An Approximate Analytical Algorithm for Solving the Multispecies Lotka-Volterra equations, 636 – 647
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(12) Diptiranjan Behera and S. Chakraverty
Solution of Fuzzy System of Linear Equations with Polynomial Parametric Form, 648 – 657
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(13) Taghizadeh and Moosavi Noori
Two Reliable Methods for Resolving the Modified Improved Kadomtsev-Petviashvili Equation, 658 – 671
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(14)M.A. El-Damcese and A.N. Helmy
Study of Reliability with Mixed Standby Components, 672 – 690
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(15) A. Ebrahimnejad
A Constructive Proof of Fundamental Theory for Fuzzy Variable Linear Programming Problems, 691 – 707
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(16) R. Ponraj, M. Sundaram and Srivakumar
K-Total Product Cordial Labelling of Graphs, 708 – 716
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(17) Hooman Fatoorehchi and Hossein Abolghasemi
Investigation of Nonlinear Problem of Heat Conduction in Tapered Cooling Fins via Symbolic Programming, 717 – 734
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