Vol. 1, Issue 1, (June 2006)


Applications and Applied Mathematics

An International Journal (AAM)
ISSN: 1932-9466


Aliakbar Montazer Haghighi, Ph. D.
Professor and Head of Department of Mathematics
Prairie View A&M University
P. O. Box 519 – Mail Stop 2225, Prairie View, Texas 77446-0519 USA
Tel: (+936)261-1970, Fax: (+936)261-2088


1. Robert Marik

Interval – type Oscillation Criteria for Half – Linear PDE with Damping, 1 – 10

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2. Mohamed El-Doma

Remarks on the Stability of Some Size-structured Population Models I:Changes in Vital Rates Due to Population Only, 11 – 24
PDF Document

3. Andrzej Korzeniowski

A Discrete Time Counterpart of the Black-Scholes Bond Replication Portfolio, 25 – 35

PDF Document

4. Mohamed El-Doma

Analysis of An SIRS Age-Structured Epidemic Model with Vaccination and Vertical Transmission of Disease, 36 – 61

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5. Aliakbar Montazer Haghighi, Roozbeh Vakil, Johnson K. Wetiba

Reverse-Traditional/Hands-On: An Alternative Method of Teaching Statistics, 62 – 82

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