Brand Guidelines FAQ

PVAMU Visual Identity Guidelines Q&A

If you do not find what you are looking for in this manual, feel free to contact the Office for Marketing and Communications.

What does a brand identity guide do?

A brand and visual identity guide shares top-level messages and a recognized visual identity to an internal team of communicators. The PVAMU Brand and Visual Identity Guide helps PVAMUfaculty and staff quickly understand the most effective way to communicate a message in print or on the web.

Why does having an integrated brand image matter?

Following brand and visual identity guidelines ensures that diverse audiences have a consistent experience in their many interactions with PVAMU. Repeated consistent interactions with a consistent PVAMU brand will reinforce key PVAMU messages and priorities. Additionally, they help HGSE send the right message to the right individual at the right time, increasing our chances for a successful interaction.

How will this affect my program/department/ initiative/etc.?

If you have marketing materials that are not aligned with these guidelines, the materials will need to be phased out for external use no later than January 2017. Please consult with the Office for Marketing and Communications. The Office will assist you in changing the materials to meet the new brand standards.

Can my program/department/ initiative/etc. develop our own symbols, icons, images, type treatments, word marks, or logos?

The overall objective is to create a consistent look so that all visuals appear familial and appropriate. More often than not, your team or group will need to use an item from the already established visual system. If, after reviewing the brand and visual identity guide, your team identifies a need for a visual item not yet addressed, please contact the Office for Marketing and Communications.

Please contact the Office for Marketing and Communications if you have any questions about complying with our brand, licensing or ordering merchandise.