The Black Foxes Preliminary Audition

Black Foxes Audition Requirements

Preliminary auditions for the 2014-15 Black Foxes Dance Line are scheduled for:

  • April 11th, 2015

Candidates may only attend ONE of the scheduled auditions. Candidates will NOT BE ALLOWED to audition a second time if they choose to attend the first audition and are not selected to proceed.

Before You Arrive

Fill out our online application, which can be found at (The link will be posted in January 2015). This year, we are only accepting applications online. It is highly important that you complete and submit this application prior to arriving for the audition.

What to Bring

  • A headshot photograph. Photographs will not be returned.

Note: Please note that “selfies”, and photos printed on copy paper are not suitable to be submitted as a headshot. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please contact us for guidance.

  • A copy of your most recent transcript. Please note that all candidates must have a 2.5 GPA to audition.
  • CD or digital device containing your music for your solo. Please make sure that your music device operates properly and that your music is cued to exactly where it should begin.
  • Any attire or props required for your solo
  • Bring lunch, water, and snacks in preparation for a long day.


Candidates are asked to wear the following:

  • Black sports bra or midriff dance top
  • Black Boy Shorts
  • Flesh colored (suntan, nude, etc.) dance tights
  • Black or Tan jazz shoes or Black dance sneakers

Note: Proper footwear is very important in an audition. Please NO basketball sneakers, fashion sneakers (Keds, Converse, etc.) or fashion shoes/boots. Ballet slippers are allowed if you do not own jazz shoes. It is suggested that you bring both jazz shoes and dance sneakers (if you have both) to accommodate any floor surface. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible during your audition.

  • No jewelry is permitted
  • Please come properly made up for your audition. You should strive to look your best in regards to hair and make-up.

Preliminary Auditions will be conducted in 4 rounds:

Round 1 – Basic Skills/Across the Floor- Dancers will need to demonstrate dance agility, showmanship, energy and proficiency in standalone skills and moving combinations. Candidates will be asked to execute the following skills:

  • Splits (right, left, center)
  • Jazz Walks
  • Chassé
  • Pas de Bourrée
  • High Kicks (Battemént)
  • Chassé Split Leap
  • Chassé Split Leap in 2nd position
  • Toe Touch Jump
  • Chainé Turn
  • Piqué Turn
  • Pas dé Bourrée, Single Pirouette
  • Pas dé Bourrée, Double Pirouette
  • Heel Stretch
  • Axle

Note: If you need assistance with some of the ballet terms, you can google/search for them and locate definitions, pictures and videos of the ballet moves.

Round 2 – Solo Dance – Dancers will present prepared choreography showcasing their dance strengths and performance quality. Solo should be costumed and one minute and 30 seconds long.

  • Solo Guidelines
    • Please refrain from using vulgar or otherwise inappropriate music.
    • Solo routine should showcase your strengths and personality. It is your chance to show the judges your uniqueness.
    • Sometimes less is more. If a prop or theme interferes with the execution of your routine, consider eliminating the prop or changing your theme.

Round 3 – Group Dance – Dancers will be required to demonstrate proficiency in 3 phases of this round:

  • Stand Routines – Dancers will be taught short stand routines indicative of the Fox dance style. This will allow judges to see how well a candidate can perform in the expected style.
  • Prepared Routine – Dancers will have the opportunity to review and learn a prepared routine that will be sent to each candidate via a Youtube Link. This will allow judges to see how well a candidate can interpret on their own and perform a prepared piece.
  • Short Routine – Dancers will also be taught a short routine representative of the Black Foxes field show routines that candidates will be seeing for the first time at the audition. This will allow judges to see how quickly a candidate picks up choreography and assess their ability to memorize and retain what they have learned.

Dancers will be evaluated on how they perform with group members, how quickly they pick up the material, and how well they perform the material, showmanship and poise.

Round 4 – Interview – Dancers will be asked questions by the judges to evaluate their speaking ability, poise and maturity.

There will be a cut after each round. If you are excused after a round you will not be able to remain in the recital hall as the audition process is closed to spectators. All audition rounds and performances will be recorded, and ALL judges decisions are FINAL.

FINAL Audition

Important! Candidates that are selected in the preliminary Spring semester auditions will be required to attend Marching Storm Band Camp in August. The FINAL audition will be conducted after the first week of band camp. Candidates that are not selected for the dance line after the final audition will be excused from the remainder of band camp.


Dr. Zachery
Director of Bands
Prairie View A & M University


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