Our First Foxy Elegance Camp in Atlanta GA was a HUGE Success!

April 13, 2017

In February of 2017, Royal Elegance Auxiliary of Grady High School in Atlanta, GA showed that there is more than one way to share the gift of dance. The high school dance team hosted a three day community dance camp for forty youth taught by Black Foxes of Prairie View A & M University at NO COST to the campers. The Foxy Elegance Dance Camp, named after the two team hosts, provided classes in technique, showmanship, and exposed them to how it feels like to “Dance like a Fox”. The camp ended with a showcase where the campers performed what they learned. Each camper received a t-shirt, certificate of participation and experiences that they will cherish for a lifetime. “HBCU’s dance lines have been the innovators of excellence and entertainment for decades, each bringing their own unique style to the art of dance. “Royal Elegance is proud to have the Black Foxes as one of our mentor dance teams. The Foxes have a signature style that demonstrates creativity, class, and skill. We could not have done this without the support of Band Director Dr. Timmey T. Zachery, Coach Shawn Zachery, Laurie Nowlins and alumna Cassie McCants. Their willingness to share their time and talents with the youth of Atlanta shows that the Prairie View’s legacy of producing productive people isn’t just a song and dance, but rather a commitment to the betterment of communities everywhere,” says Royal Elegance Coach Maisha Land.

Camp facilitator and Fox Captain Laurie Nowlin commented, “The Foxy Elegance Camp was an amazing experience with wonderful staff/dance moms. Seeing how eager the young ladies were, made me want to stay even longer. But most of all, I was shocked to know that dance is not offered in all public schools like back home. Therefore this made me realize how fortunate I was as a kid growing up to be able to dance at every school I went to. I was able to help these dancers flourish not only in technique, but bring out the confidence and attitude that I know they had in them all along. Each time, my heart melted after hearing “Coach Laurie” because it gave me hope that one day I can continue my love and passion for dance after nursing school”.

Fox Alumna Cassie McCants also assisted with the camp. “During the time when I marched I thought there was no better sentiment than feeling those field lights hitting your face after that long anticipated 16 count break. Then I graduated and had the chance to start leading camps for young girls who aspire to one day be able to experience the feeling of those stadium lights; and I realized the feeling of those stadium lights did not even begin to amount to half of the joy I feel when getting to spread the importance of education, my love for dance, and my love for Foxes with future generations of HBCU dancers. The Foxy Elegance camp was no different. It was a joy to see the girls have fun and grow”