Juvenile Collection

Third Floor – Juvenile Collection

Books J-P Books J-P
Books Q-QD Books Q-QD
Books QE-Z Books QE-Z
Elevator/Stairs Elevator/Stairs
Fire Exits Fire Exits
Hallway / Lobby Hallway / Lobby
Information Desk Information Desk
Juvenile Collection Juvenile Collection
Restrooms Restrooms 
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Third Floor - John B. Coleman Library

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The Juvenile Collection of the Coleman Library contains, among others, award winning books (Caldecott and Newbery Awards).

Juvenile Collection on the third Floor

First Floor: Art Gallery Room 109 –  Circulation Dept. – Interlibrary Loan – Information DeskJazzman
                Café – Periodicals Dept.  – Public Events Room 108 – Reference CollectionReference &
                Information ServicesReserves – Scanning/Typing Room – Technical Services Dept.

Second Floor: Administrative Offices – Books A-DA –  Books DA-HComputer LabInformation Desk 
                    Tutoring Center

Third Floor:  Books J-PBooks Q-QDBooks QE-Z – Information Desk – Juvenile Collection

Fourth Floor: Fourth Floor Exhibit SpaceAfrican Art ExhibitDelco Exhibit  

Fifth Floor: Special Collections/ArchivesExecutive Conference Room

Exterior Views: Views from L.W. Minor Street

Books J-P Fire Exit Fire Exit Fire Exit Books J-P Information Desk Restrooms Stairs Elevator Books Q-QD Books QE-Z Books QE-Z Books QE-Z Juvenile Collection

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