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Black History Month Art Exhibit

Ava Cosey

Artist & Printmaker


Ava Cosey, gifted artist and printmaker, whose art path evolved from an epiphany in 1997. Her work gives you a gateway into the gifted.

She believes that art rejuvenates the soul. Dedicated to her vision, she experiences infinite inspiration in the manifestation of my work and is still fascinated by the mystery of visualization and its startling effect.

Working in all mediums, she uses oil, acrylic, pastels, ink and mixed media and, also works with the process of mono prints, silkscreens, etchings, sculpting and fiber arts and uses vivid colors, majestic characters and universal themes to translate her creativity. She has an affinity to painting meaningful images, places and things.

Her goal is to capture the interest in the viewer by creating a visual story that will intrigue and invoke emotions which relates to their experiences. She states. “My passion is to share my God given talents.”

Ava Cosey

Carolyn Crump
The Diverse Works of Carolyn Crump

Carolyn Crump captures the spirit and lifts it to new heights of imagination in fine art that is gaining national recognition.

Born in Detroit, Crump’s artistic talent was nurtured from the age of eight by family and friends. She received an art scholarship to the Cranbrook College of Art, and earned a degree in Advertising Design. However, her restless creativity led her fine art, which she taught herself, medium by medium.

Working in diverse media, from acrylic paints, etchings, handmade paper, clay and wood to most recently, fabric and illustration. Crump defies illusionary boundaries to reflect a unique blend of wildness, freedom, and expression.

Her stunning quilts – sewn canvasses that tell powerful stories – are part of a national tour. Over the last year, she developed an illustration style that earned the national Gold prize from the Newspaper Association of America.

Her original paintings, prints and sculpture are sought after by collectors throughout the United States and Europe. As a working artist for the past 28 years, she continues to explore a style that is diverse as it is consistently striking.

Currently residing in Houston, Texas, Crump has been presented throughout North America and Europe in group and one-woman shows. Crump views her art as an expression of insight, strength and traditional love.

Carolyn Crump



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