Library Use Policy

Purpose: The John B. Coleman Library is committed to maintaining an environment conducive to study and research in order to fulfill its role of supporting the University’s educational mission. The Library is open to the general public and expects users to conduct themselves in a manner respectful of other library users, staff, materials, and facilities. The Library abides by all pertinent Chapters, Sections and Appendices of the Prairie View A&M Student Handbook, related to policies on student conduct, disciplinary proceedings, sanctions, harassment, and disruptive activities.

To ensure a quiet, pleasant, safe, clean, and respectful atmosphere for both library users and staff, the Library has established the following policies regarding the use of its facilities and collections. Signage pertaining to this policy is posted throughout the Library. Copies of the policy are available upon request at all service and information desks, or on the Library website. The policy shall apply to all” library users and occupants of the building, regardless of their affiliation with the University, i.e. student, faculty, staff, or community borrowers. The library staff is responsible for administering policies. It is expected that staff request for compliance will be immediately and respectfully honored. Questions or complaints should be addressed to the Director of Library Services or other library administrative staff in Room 207. Depending on the seriousness of the infraction, refusal to comply with policies may result in:• a request to leave the building
• refusal of future access to the library
• summoning of a security guard and/or university police
• suspension of library privileges
• University conduct hearing under the Student Conduct Code

Conduct and Building Use Policies:

Animals: Only guide dogs or companion dogs that assist people with disabilities are allowed in the Library.

Cameras: Use of photographic or video equipment is restricted. Individuals, classes, groups, or organizations desiring to film the Library or its staff, or users must first get permission from the library administration, located on the 2nd floor of the library. 

Cell Phones and Pagers: To preserve a quiet study environment, the Library requires library users to set cell phones and pagers on “silent” signals. Cell phone use is not allowed at the tables in study areas, or in the book stacks, on any floor. If you receive a call or need to make a call, please keep your voice low and move the elevator foyers on each floor, or to the front lobby. However, if complaints regarding excessive noise, are reported by other patrons, you will be asked to either move to other locations, or to end your phone call, or leave the building.

Children: Children cannot be monitored and supervised by library staff. Therefore, children under the age of 14 entering the library must be accompanied and supervised by an adult over the age of 18. Children may not touch library computers or other equipment. Unaccompanied children must produce identification showing they are 14 years old or over. Exception will only be made for children participating in University-sponsored activities scheduled to occur in the library. Parents, guardians, and caretakers are responsible for the conduct of their children on library premises, and must provide close supervision at all times. In cases where children are not closely supervised or library rules are broken, library staff will ask parents or caretakers to take the children out of the building. Staff my contact University Security concerning unsupervised children.

Computers on the First Floor of the Library: Users must follow all Library Computer Use Policies, as posted. Access is limited to searching library resources and the options listed on the screen. No game playing, access to DOS, software installation, personal software, word processing, web authoring, or other productivity software are allowed.

Disruptive Behavior

Policy: Complaints of disruptive behavior will be taken seriously and the offending patron may be asked to leave the building. Behavior that interferes with the appropriate use of the Library, or interrupts the learning process for other patrons, exhibits a disregard for the dignity of others, and will not be tolerated. This includes excessive noise, altercations, theft, vandalism, inappropriate sexual behavior, and harassment of any kind. All such activities should be reported immediately to the Circulation Desk on the First Floor, who will contact Campus Security and/or the University Police. Emergency phones connected directly to the Circulation Desk are located in study areas on floors two, three and four. Patrons identified as disruptive will be subject to sanction, including possible expulsion from the Library, University disciplinary action, loss of library privileges, and possible prosecution under state law, as stated in the Prairie View A&M University Student Handbook, 2002-2005. Noise in the Library is a common cause of complaint. Please be considerate of others.  If you can be heard at the next table (or within four feet), you are too loud. Conversations in the foyers, lobbies, halls, or near the Jazzman Cafe, Tutorial Center, or Computer Lab travel to other parts of the Library where other students are trying to concentrate and study. Other ” inappropriate” behavior in the Library includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Using audible radios, iPods, cellphones or other sound generating devices
  • Using threatening, intimidating or abusive language
  • Abusing or intimidating library staff or patrons
  • Overt signs of substance abuse, including drunkenness
  • Fighting or other “rowdy” behavior
  • Using bicycles, skateboards, skates, or scooters
  • Bringing weapons, simulated or real, into the Library
  • De-facing or de-imaging library property.

Emergency Phones: Special telephones have been installed, so that emergencies can be reported as quickly as possible to the Circulation Desk. These “beige” phones are located near the entrance to each study area on floors 2-4.

Fire Alarms: All occupants, including patrons, visitors, and staff should respond to all fire and emergency alarms by immediately exiting the building via the nearest fire exit.

Food and Drink: Eating is not allowed in the John B. Coleman Library. Spilled food and drink are damaging to library collections and equipment, and degrade the overall longevity and comfort of library furnishings. Anyone with food or drink will be asked to please leave and finish eating in the Jazzman Café, or events held in Rooms 108-109, or dispose of them immediately.

Paging Patrons: The Library will use its public address system to page individual patrons only when there is a verifiable medical emergency.

Safety and Security: The Library’s goal is always to optimize the safety and security of its users and staff. All statues, regulations, and laws governing safety and behavior in a facility of the State of Texas, the Texas A&M University System, and the Prairie View A&M campus, will apply. Emergencies should be reported immediately to Library staff. For additional security and safety, all floors, study areas and book stacks of the John B. Coleman Library are monitored by closed-circuit security cameras and monitors. Victims of or witnesses to disruptive behavior, harassment, or crimes in the library should notify the nearest library staff member immediately, for assistance.

Signs: Signs and announcements may be posted in two places in the John B. Coleman Library: the bulletin boards located on the wall in the foyer hallways near the restrooms on floors 1-3; and the bulletin boards standing on the floor in both the front and side door entrance foyers.

Smoking: Smoking in any part of the John B. Coleman Library is forbidden by law.

Procedure for Library Disruptions:

Library staff members will take appropriate steps to end disruptions, including requesting identification, and involving Campus Security and/or University Police, when necessary. Library staff are authorized to request disruptive patrons to discontinue the behavior and to refer patron to the “written” policy on library conduct. If disruptive behavior continues or resumes, staff may then ask the patron to leave, notify Library or Campus Security and University Police for assistance and intervention.

Policy Revised and Updated: April 29, 2014
Dr. Rosie L. Albritton, M.L.S., M.S., Ph.D. – Director, University Library Services