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The Faculty/Staff Publications Center is open to all PVAMU authors and scholars, and is an ongoing library project. New publications will be added and featured as they come to our attention. The Publications are listed on our web-site a selected printable bibliography and as a searchable database by Author, Year of Publication, or Department. Selected publications will also be periodically displayed “on-site” in the Library Lobby. The John B. Coleman Library is proud to host the works published by the Faculty and Staff of Prairie View A&M University.

The publications listed here represent the individual work of our scholars. This is by no means a complete listing of their publications and credits.

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President George  C. Wright

President George C. Wright


Dr. R. Albritton Dr. Ananda S. Amarasekara Dr. Reginald L. Bell Ms. Bergin Nelson Bowman, M.A. Dr. R.D. Boyd Dr. Angela Branch-Vital Elizabeth (Jean) Brumfield, M.I.L.S., A.B.D. Dr. Lauretta F. Byars
Dr. George Calhoun Dr. Donald R. Collins Dr. John L. Cornelius, II Dr. Arouna R. Davies K. Ford Dr. Laurette B. Foster Dr. Kaibin Fu
Dr. Carl Gardiner Kimberly Gay,  M.L.S. Victoria L. Godwin Dr. Aliakbar Montazer Haghighi D. Hale J. Hansen Harvin-S Karl Hensen D. Hermond
Dr. Patricia Hoffman-Miller Dr. Immaculate Igbo Ann Y. Johnson, M.F.A. Dr. Akel Ismail Kahera Dr. Robert Kirschten Dr. William Kritsonis Dr. Jian-ao Lian Dr. Manouchehr Misaghian Dr. Michael J. Nojeim
Dr. Aderemi Oki Dr. William H. Parker Dr. Tamiko N. Porter L. Qian Dr. Laxley W. Rodney Dr. E. L. Walter-Sullivan Dr. Clarence Talley, Sr. Dr. Francis A. White Dr. James A. Wilson, Jr.
Dr. Lucian Yates, III

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