Stock Market Data & Financial Market Summary

The online website Wall Street Journal >> (abstracts only) can be used to analyze their stock market report. You will need to look at the website daily because the stock prices are done in “real time” for that day “only”. If you need back days of the stock market data you will need to use the hard copies of the Wall Street Journal that are located in the Periodicals Department.

Full text searchable Wall Street Journal from PVAMU collection (NetID login required) 

 The online version of the website is very user friendly.  As you can see below… the Stock Market information is located in the top right corner on the print screen image below. You then click on the link Markets and get an in-depth account of the market data for that day only >>  (Click here for example)

The Wall Street Journal

  • What made you decide to purchase each stock (discuss your reasons for purchasing each stock)
  •  Summary of the background/history of the company (in your own words). Do not copy and paste. Cite all sources.
  • Discuss the history of each company, its products and services, and any recent news and/or results.
  • The performance of each stock pick over the previous year.
  • Impact of the company’s past year performance (think: profitability) on its stock price.
  • Opening price and closing price for each stock. Use November 5 as the opening price and December 10 as the closing price date.
  • You may include charts and graphs as visuals.
  • You may discuss anything else which occurred during the time you chose to monitor the stocks.
  • Results of your overall portfolio (all stocks or investments) over the time period – expectation?
  • What you learned from this assignment and any emotions evoked.
  • Information about your trades, buys and/or sales (I will be able to see these), but please discuss your
  • You will be required to buy, sell and trade
  • Please do  transactions or trades each week for a total of at least a couple of months transactions during the timeframe of this assignment. For full credit, stay active.
  • Purchasing five stocks upon signing up, remaining inactive and then trying to execute trades during the last week counts for a score of zero.