Application for Study / Research Carrel

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(Print and fill out this form and submit this form to Library Administration Office)

Name:___________________________________________ Date: ________________________
Student #: _________________________
Institution ID#: _____________________

Graduate Student ______ Undergraduate ______ Faculty _______ (College of: ____________)

Major:______________________ Expected Date of Graduation: __________________________

TELEPHONE NUMBER: ___________________________________________



Description of Research, Thesis, etc.:

Recommended and Approved by:
Signature of Professor Supervising Research: ___________________________
Signature of the Dean of the College: ___________________________________

Carrels are assigned for one semester or two summer sessions.  If the carrel key is not returned/renewed at the end of each semester, you will be charged a $30.00 re-keying fee for your carrel.
I understand that any library materials to be used in the carrel must be properly checked out at the Circulation Desk. Reference Materials may not be kept in carrels. I understand that no food, beverage or smoking is allowed in the building and agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the library.

I have read the Study/Carrel policy and agree to abide by this policy.
The library is not responsible for personal items left in the study carrel.

Signature of Applicant

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Re-Key fee Charged ($30.00): _____________

Date Key Due:___________________

Renewed: ______________________

Date Key Returned: ______________