W. R. Bank Library – 1970

Mr. O.J. Baker – Librarian

Mr. O.J. Baker – Librarian

Mrs. Bobbie Coleman  Mrs. Gazella Booth  Mrs. Naomi P. Baker
Mrs. Bobbie Coleman, Curator in Special Collections,  Mrs. Gazella Booth,
Assistant Reference Librarian & Mrs. Naomi P. Baker
Acquisitions Librarian
Mr. Sam Peters  Mr. Frank Francis   Mrs. Clara M. Davis
Mr. Sam Peters, Reference Assistant, Mr. Frank Francis Assistant Librarian &
Mrs. Clara M. Davis, Assistant in Circulation
 Unidentified student studying at the W.R. Banks Library – 1970Unidentified student studying at the W.R. Banks Library – 1970

Note: Not all Library staff member pictures may be included above.

Source PVAMU Pantherland 1970 Year book

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