What We Offer

What is a Conference?

A conference is an informal conversation about writing. We will explore ways to improve a student’s overall writing skills. Since we do not proofread or edit for students, consultants will instead teach proofreading and editing techniques. The goal: make a better writer for the long term.

Writing CenterWhat does the Writing Center do?

  • Help with invention techniques such as brainstorming and freewriting.
  • Help students understand an assignment and instructor’s expectations.
  • Provide constructive feedback on student writing.
  • Offer guidance with organization.
  • Help develop better research and documentation skills; avoid plagiarism.
  • Offer encouragement and support.

What we don’t do?

  • We won’t do a student’s work.
  • We won’t offer opinions about or suggest a grade on an essay you bring in for discussion.
  • We won’t proofread or edit.
  • We won’t take responsibility for any stage of a student’s work.

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