The Writing Center

The Writing Center is Student-Centered and for Everyone:

Writing CenterThe Writing Center’s goal is to provide a friendly, stress-free environment for students from all over campus to meet with a consultant and talk about writing of all types. We provide a responsive audience and advice from experienced writers in sessions generally lasting thirty to forty-five minutes. Sessions of this length offer us time to work individually with students on any aspect of the writing process: from brain storming and drafting, to revising and proofreading.

Since our motto is improve the writer, not just the writing, we do not edit essays for students or allow them to drop off work to be proofread for spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors. Rather, concentrating on active learning techniques, we will help develop various learning and writing skills that can transfer to all writing projects students engage in.

We do not focus, therefore, on improving a single essay for a better grade. We do hope, however, that higher grades naturally result, but improving writing can take time. Developing a relationship with a students is one of our goals.

We hope, though, that students come to see us because they perceive a need on their own. Motivated learners are more successful learners, so we ask that faculty never require students to visit us.

The Consultants that students will encounter in the Center are dedicated to serving the writing needs of the entire undergraduate community at Prairie View. They offer their time and hope that the Center will be successful. But this is not their Writing Center; it belongs to students.