Departmental Scholarships



Two scholarships in the amount of $1000 each are available for 2014-2015. You must be a declared Communication or English major to be eligible.

Both scholarships are open to all levels, from incoming freshman to senior, and we especially encourage out-of-state students to apply, since a $1000 award from your academic department might qualify you for a tuition waiver. 


  1. Completed Languages + Communication Scholarship Application (PDF download)
  2. Copy of your unofficial University transcript or high school transcript if you are an incoming freshman
  3. A well-written letter to the LCOM Scholarship Committee explaining your academic achievements, your extracurricular activities, and your financial need (there is space in the Application file for this letter)


  1. Overall GPA (minimum 3.0 to be considered)
  2. GPA in your major (the higher the better)
  3. Campus activities / community involvement
  4. Financial need
  5. Quality of your letter / promise shown for a future Communication of English professional

Deadline for All Scholarship Applications:

All documents (PDF application, letter, unofficial transcript) must be submitted to Ms. Marianna Sviland in Hilliard Hall, Room 214, by March 1, 2014.

If you are mailing your application, please send it to the following address and make sure it is postmarked by March 1:

Ms. Marianna Sviland

Department of Languages & Communication

P.O. Box 519 / MS 2220

Prairie View, TX 77446

Please include all requested materials! Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.


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