Contact Information

Dr. Joanna S. Mann
Department Head, Professor of English

Phone: (936) 261-3726

Mailing Address:

Prairie View A&M University
Languages and Communications
P.O. Box 519 Mail Stop 2220
Prairie View, TX 77446-0519

Phone: (936) 261-3714
Fax: (936) 261-3739

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Student Complaints:

Students have the right to dispute grades, instructor conduct, or other class-related issues. The first step is to discuss the concern with your instructor. If you feel the problem has not been resolved, you can file a complaint with the Department using our 1-page PDF form. Fill it out in detail and bring it to the appropriate area coordinator: Lewis Smith for COMM courses, Ymitri Mathison for ENGL courses, and Sonia Dupre for ARAB, CHIN or SPAN courses.

If you feel you have been the victim of sexual harassment, racial discrimination, or other discrimination, you can use the Department form and also go directly to the Office of Equal Opportunity and Title IX Compliance to discuss your situation.

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