Available Minors

Minor in Communication 

Students select any 6 courses with COMM prefixes, which allows maximum flexibility to construct a personalized program of study, with emphasis on speech communication, print journalism, or video and television production. All prerequisites must be observed, and for this reason, students are advised to complete COMM 1003 and COMM 1713 as soon as possible. 18 SCH total.

Minor in English

For students in catalogs from 2010 to Summer 2014, the requirements are 7 courses including ENGL 3153: Literary Theory and ENGL 4433: Special Topics. The other 15 hours can be any 5 courses above the freshman level (2000 level and above). 21 SCH total.

For students in the Fall 2014 catalog, the minor is 18 hours total. Requirements include ENGL 3153: Literary Theory; ENGL 4433: Special Topics; either ENGL 2263: English Literature to 1800 -or- ENGL 2273: English Literature, 1800 to Present; either ENGL 2423: American Literature to 1865 -or- ENGL 2433: American Literature, 1865 to Present; one ENGL elective at the 3000 or 4000 level; and one ENGL elective at the 2000 level or above.

Minor in Spanish

In catalogs through Summer 2016, students choose any 6 courses in literature, language, and culture at the 3000 or 4000 levels. SPAN 2023: Intermediate Spanish II or testing equivalent is the required prerequisite. 18 SCH total.

Starting in Fall 2016, the minor requires SPAN 2013: Intermediate Spanish I, SPAN 2023: Intermediate Spanish II, and any 4 classes at the 3000 or 4000 levels (still 18 SCH total).

Minor in Humanities

images of Leonardo da Vinci, Frederick Douglass, Federico Garcia Lorca, Suzan-Lori Parks, Aristotle, and Ethel Waters

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Students who want to explore culture, imagination, and the human condition may want to consider the flexible interdisciplinary minor in humanities (HUMN), which includes courses in art, architecture, music, philosophy, theater, literature, and foreign languages. Because of the humanities’ rich legacy in issues of truth, knowledge, and meaning, this minor is ideal for pre-med students, pre-law students, and future educators in English, history, music, or drama.

please click here to access the current list of eligible courses for the HUMN minor


  • 18 SCH total from the list of eligible courses that meet the following requirements:
    • HUMA1303: Introduction to Humanities
    • 3 SCH at the 2000 level or higher in a foreign language
    • No more than 6 SCH from any single humanities prefix, including foreign languages, on the list of eligible courses
    • At least 6 SCH at the 3000 or 4000 levels

Keep in mind that you cannot count the same class in two different places on your degree plan. ARTS 1203 can satisfy your Creative Arts requirement for the core -or- a class for the HUMN minor. It can’t do both.

Sample Humanities Minors:

  • HUMA 1303: Intro to Humanities
  • SPAN 2013: Intermediate Spanish I
  • PHIL 2013: Intro to Philosophy
  • MUSC 2333: Afro-American Music
  • DRAM 3113: Contemporary Theatre
  • ENGL 3063: Studies in African-American Literature
  • HUMA 1303: Intro to Humanities
  • CHIN 2013: Intermediate Chinese I
  • CHIN 2023: Intermediate Chinese II
  • ARTS 2233: History of Art I
  • DRAM 3123: Contemporary Drama
  • ENGL 3243: Studies in American Literature

Questions about the Humanities minor? Ask any English professor for assistance.

The image shows Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci, American author Frederick Douglass, Spanish poet and playwright Federico Garcia Lorca; American playwright Suzan-Lori Parks, Greek philosopher Aristotle, and American actress and singer Ethel Waters. Photo of Parks from Eric Schwabel under a GNU Free Documentation License. Photo of Waters by Carl Van Vechten, from the Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Division (van 5a52754).