English Transfer Courses

Several courses at the 1000 and 2000 levels can be taken at an accredited two-year college for credit at Prairie View A&M University.

Please keep in mind that you should submit a Pre-Approved Transfer Credit Form and check with your advisor to make sure that you are taking appropriate classes. You must earn a “C” or better to receive transfer credit, and transfer courses do not count in your GPA.

The course numbers below are the common course numbers for Texas. If you will be taking classes in another state, meet with an advisor, and be prepared with the class prefix and number.

  • For credit in ENGL 1123: Freshman Composition I, take ENGL 1301: Composition I.
  • For credit in Freshman Composition II, take ENGL 1302: Composition II.
  • For credit in ENGL 1143: Technical Writing, take ENGL 2311: Technical & Business Writing.
  • For credit in ENGL 2153: Introduction to Literature, take ENGL 2341: Forms of Literature.
  • For credit in ENGL 2263: English Literature to 1800, take ENGL 2322: British Lit I.
  • For credit in ENGL 2273: English Literature after 1800, take ENGL 2323: British Lit II.
  • For credit in ENGL 2283: Survey of World Literature, take ENGL 2331: World Literature.
  • For credit in ENGL 2423: American Literature to 1865, take ENGL 2327: American Lit I.
  • For credit in ENGL 2433: American Literature, 1865 to Present, take ENGL 2328: American Lit II.

Several other 2000-level literature courses can be used as genre and culture options for the English major or courses for the English minor.


If you are currently enrolled at a two-year college and plan to transfer to Prairie View to complete your B.A. in English, please take a look at our specialized Associate degree recommendations, listed below according to community college system!