Mission Statement

Through emphases on teaching, research, and service, the English program prepares students to write informed, organized essays that demonstrate appropriate engagement with primary and secondary sources; to analyze texts through the development of critical and analytical skills; and to possess knowledge of major historical periods and literary movements in culturally diverse literature. Students study the English language arts, including areas such as language development and various approaches to grammar, which complement the advantage of  being multi-dialectic. The English program supports students who aspire to become teachers of composition and literature, who seek admission to graduate and professional studies, and who choose to develop their skills for careers in the private and public sectors.

English Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will write informed, well-organized texts with clear purpose and comprehensive, critical evidence.
  2. Students will skillfully synthesize primary and secondary sources with ethical citation.
  3. Students will analyze texts of various kinds using appropriate disciplinary terminology and theories.
  4. Students will describe and distinguish between major historical periods and literary movements in British, American, and world literature.
  5. Students will use English grammar with an appreciation for rhetorical choices and the development of the English language.
  6. Students will incorporate integrated strategies for teaching ELA to diverse populations in accordance with TEA and NCTE guidelines.

Degree Plans

Students can choose from two degree options: an English major with an academic minor, or a unique English major that uses ELAR 8-12 Texas teacher certification coursework in lieu of a traditional minor. The differences between the two tracks are summarized below, and please click on the links to see and download complete degree plans.

icon for adobe p d fTraditional English Major Track, 2011-2013

  • 42 SCH for the Core Curriculum
  • 12 SCH of Foreign Language (1 language)
  • 33 SCH of major requirements
  • 18-24 SCH of minor requirements
  • 15 SCH of unrestricted electives (may be reduced if minor hours exceed 18)

Total Degree Requirements = 120 SCH

icon for adobe p d fELAR 8-12 Teacher Certification Preparation Track, 2013-2015

icon for adobe p d fELAR 8-12 Teacher Certification Preparation Track , 2010-2012

  • 42 SCH for the Core Curriculum
  • 9 SCH of Foreign Language (1 language)
  • 33 SCH of major requirements
  • 15 hours of support area requirements in media, language, and reading
  • 18 SCH of teacher education coursework, including student teaching
  • 3 SCH of unrestricted electives

Total degree requirements remain 120 SCH, but to finish the program in four years, students must be diligent about completing coursework in a timely fashion and may require some summer school. This is because the final semester of student teaching, just 6 SCH, must be taken without any other classes.

In addition to submitting an application, students must complete the entire core curriculum with a strong GPA and earn a minimum score of 240 on the THEA Reading exam before they are admitted to the Teacher Education Program.

Minor in English 

Students complete 7 courses (21 SCH)  including ENGL 3153: Literary Theory and ENGL 4433: Special Topics. The other 15 hours can be any 5 courses above the freshman level (2000 level and above).

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