Communication Transfer Courses

Several courses at the 1000 and 2000 levels can be taken at an accredited two-year college for credit at Prairie View A&M University.

Please keep in mind that you should submit a Pre-Approved Transfer Credit Form and check with your advisor to make sure that you are taking appropriate classes. You must earn a “C” or better to receive transfer credit, and transfer courses do not count in your GPA.

The course numbers below are the common course numbers for Texas. If you will be taking classes in another state, meet with an advisor, and be prepared with the class prefix and number.

  • For credit in COMM 1003: Fundamentals of Speech Communication, take SPCH 1311 or 1315.
  • For credit in COMM 1713: Introduction to Mass Communication, take COMM 1307.
  • For credit in COMM 1733: Basic Video Production, take COMM 1336.
  • For credit in COMM 2523: Broadcast Writing, take COMM 2339.
  • For credit in COMM 2603: Interpersonal Communication, take SPCH 1318.
  • For credit in COMM 2633: Voice and Diction, take SPCH 1342.
  • For credit in COMM 2703: Photojournalism, take COMM 1316.
  • For credit in COMM 2723: Copy Editing and Production, take COMM 2305.
  • For credit in COMM 2543: News Writing and Reporting, take COMM 2311.
  • For credit in COMM 2623: Small Group Communication, take SPCH 2333.
  • For credit in COMM 2613: Argumentation and Debate, take SPCH 2335.

Some community colleges use the prefix RATV (Radio and Television) or RTVB or JOUR for courses. Please consult your academic advisor for assistance in figuring out the right equivalent for the credits you need!