Communication Course Rotation

We know how important it is to be able to map out your schedule and to see when courses are offered as you move towards graduation.

Communication is a popular major, and several courses generally are offered both fall and spring, especially on the Mass Communication track:

  • COMM 1713: Introduction to Mass Communications (multiple sections)
  • COMM 2603: Interpersonal Communication
  • COMM 2703: Photojournalism
  • COMM 3513: Communication Law and Ethics
  • COMM 3723: Digital Video Production I
  • COMM 3733: TV Studio Production
  • COMM 4523: Communication Theory
  • COMM 4533: Communication Research

If you need a particular class on your degree plan, make a note of when it will be offered. Students concentrating in Communication Studies will find that some courses appear every other year; if you want a particular class, like Intercultural Communication or Gender Communication, take it when you see it on the course schedule. You don’t want to wait an extra semester to finish your B.A.

Below are classes that typically are offered only once each year.

Fall semester courses

  • COMM 2513: Principles of Writing for the Discipline
  • COMM 2523: Broadcast Writing
  • COMM 2543: News Writing and Reporting
  • COMM 3743: Principles of Advertising
  • COMM 4513: Rhetorical Criticism

Spring semester courses

  • COMM 2533: Screen Writing
  • COMM 3753: Principles of Public Relations
  • COMM 4503: Media Criticism
  • COMM 4543: Advanced Writing for the Discipline

Summer courses

  • COMM 4703: Professional Internship
  • COMM 4713: Voice, Diction, and Performance

Please consult the transfer guide for 1000- and 2000-level Communication courses that you can take at a Texas community college for equivalent credit at Prairie View A&M University. 

Special notes for COMM majors who are minoring in Marketing (MRKT):

  • You must complete MGMT 1013: Introduction to Business and PSYC 1113: General Psychology as prerequisites for required MRKT courses. Take these as early as you can.
  • Marketing classes are sequential. You must complete MRKT 3103: Principles of Marketing before you can take MRKT 3333: Consumer Behavior. You have to finish MRKT 3333 before you can enroll in MRKT 4393: Marketing Communication. It takes at least 3 semesters to get through the minor.
  • Most MRKT classes are not offered in summer sessions.