About Us

The diverse faculty and staff of the Department of Languages and Communication work diligently to maintain a learning environment that enhances educational growth and professional opportunities for our undergraduate and graduate students. The programs offer students a liberal arts education, both on the main campus in Prairie View and the Northwest Center in Houston, emphasizing the acquisition of language and communication skills in English, Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese, as well as advanced knowledge of media techniques.

The objective of the department is to prepare students for a broad range of careers in teaching, professional writing, interpersonal communication and public relations, and media production technologies. Historically, our primary task has been to provide Prairie View A&M University students with advanced verbal and written skills, technical media knowledge, preparation for graduate and professional schools, and career placement. The Department of Languages and Communication continues this mission and has updated resources, such as campus labs and computer software resources, to stay current with existing employment trends.

Andria Richardson

Pictured: Communication student Andia Richardson in Hilliard 125 preparing for competition to take place in Liverpool, England. Richardson secured a place in the “Your Big Year” final with her “Pitch a Place” video on Houston, Texas.

 The highlights of the department include the recently renovated digital television studio in Hilliard, equipped with the latest in production technology; PC and Macintosh computer laboratories with cutting-edge software programs for video; a media and language performance laboratory; and courses in global languages like Arabic, Chinese, and Spanish.

We offer four academic majors leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree:

  • B.A. in Communication, concentration in Mass Communication
  • B.A. in Communication, concentration in Communication Studies
  • B.A. in English
  • B.A. in English, concentration in teacher certification for English Language Arts and Reading 7-12

We also offer several academic minors:

  • Communication (18 credit hours)
  • English (18 credit hours)
  • Spanish (18 credit hours)
  • Humanities (18 credit hours)

Students have the right to file appeals about instructor conduct, grades, and courses. If you have a complaint that you have been unable to resolve with your LCOM instructor, you can file a complaint with the Department. Please click here to download the LCOM Complaint form; fill it out in detail, sign it, and bring it to the appropriate area coordinator for review.