MyPanther is a skill built for Prairie View A&M University students to answer some university related questions.
This document mentions the steps to setup an echo device with MyPanther skill.

Set up Alexa App setup with mobile

  1. Go to App store and download Amazon Alexa from the App store. Post installation, user will get to screenshot as mentioned in Step 2.
  2. Post installation, you will see the app installed. Open the app and then proceed to setting up an Alexa account by clicking “Create a new Amazon Account” by clicking “Create a new Amazon Account”.
  3. If you have an existing Amazon account login as shown below and reach to step 12, otherwise follow from next step (create Amazon account)
  4. Create a Amazon account – Enter the details such as Name, email ID, Phone no etc, and click on submit.
  5. Enter the OTP which is sent to your mobile number and then click on “Verify”
  6. Click on the “Continue” button on the “Welcome to Alexa!” page
  7. Click on “Setting up Alexa app” (bottom one)
  8. Click on “Your Name”
  9. Then confirm your first name and last name then click continue
  10. Click on the “Allow” button and give permission to the Amazon App
  11. Click on the “Next” button for the next consecutive four screens
  12. Now setup is complete and user land to the following page
  13. Click on the menu option from top left (marked in red square) and following sub-menu options will open up
  14. Click on the “Skills & Games” section and navigate to SKILL & GAME section
  15. Click on the Search Icon
  16. Enter “MyPanther” in search text-box and the skill will appear
  17. Click on Your skill from search result and a screen similar as shown below will appear (note the screen shot shown below is for Panther facts, in your case it will be MyPanther). Click ENABLE TO USE It’s ready to use.
  18. Use Alexa icon as shown below. Alexa will be ready to listen. Invoke the skill by saying “Alexa start my panther”. It will answer and thereafter you can start asking questions/conversations.

    Special Note: How to check utterance history in your app

    Sometimes Alexa can’t interpret the utterances accurately. Say for example, Alexa may interpret the word “football” as “foosball” or the “move-in” as “moving”. As a result, Alexa may respond completely unexpected manner. In order to understand these discrepancies, it’s better to check History section of Alexa app. History section contain following key items

    • Interpreted speech
    • Written response from Alexa
    • Name of the skill which handled the request

    Perform following steps in order to access history

  19. Go to menu (top left hand corner – as three horizontal bars) and then select “Settings”
  20. Select “Alexa Account” from the sub-menu
  21. From the next screen, select “History”. Next screen contracts speech related history
  22. Next screen contains speech related history (the scratched portion will mention the skill invocation name- “my panther”)