Voice Mail

You must have a valid exchange email account to enable voicemail on your phone.
Default password is: 159357

Accessing Your Mailbox Recording Your Name Exit to a Menu
Greetings Reply to a Message Forwarding Your Phone
Listening to Messages Sending a Copy of a Message Forwarding to Voicemail
Mailbox Number Skip a Greeting To Remove Forwarding
Message Information Cancel an Action Tips

Accessing Your Mailbox

Messages can be retrieved from any telephone with touch tone.

From your office phone dial 6100

  • enter password

From another PVAMU phone dial 6100

  • Press *
  • enter your 4 digit mailbox number
  • enter password

From outside PVAMU dial your full number Example 9362619XXX

  • Press * or #
  • enter your 4 digit mailbox number
  • enter password


A Greeting is played to anyone who calls who reaches your mailbox.

To create a personal greeting press 4 for Personal Options at the main menu

  • press 3 for Greetings
  • press 1 for Personal Greeting
  • press 1 for Personal
  • press 1 to record an Away from the Phone greeting


  • press 2 to record an on the phone greeting
  • follow the prompts

Note: Both away from the phone and on the phone greetings should be recorded so that the caller will hear the message that is most appropriate.

To create an extended absence greeting:

  • press 4 for Personal Options at the main menu
  • press 3 for Greetings
  • press 2 for Extended Absence Greeting
  • follow the prompts

Note: When you record an extended absence greeting, your personal greeting will not be deleted. When you return to the office and call the system, you will be asked if you wish to retain your extended absence greeting. When you delete the extended absence greeting, your personal greeting will be reinstated.

Listening to Messages

  • press 1 from the main menu of your mailbox.
  • You may listen to all messages or new messages only.
  • new messages are unheard messages or messages you have previously skipped
  • all messages include unheard messages, skipped messages and archived messages.

Archived messages are messages you have heard and saved.

Mailbox Number

The mailbox number is the last four digits of the PVAMU phone number.

Message Information

Press 5 while reviewing a message or at the end of the message to receive information on the message.
Message information, also called envelope information, includes the following:

  • Telephone number of person who left the message
  • Time and date message was sent.
  • Length of message
  • Status of message (i.e. private, urgent, etc.)

Recording Your Name

The system plays your name whenever you enter your mailbox and when someone is sending you a message using the send option.

To change the recorded name at the main menu, press 4 for Personal Options

  • press 3 for Greetings
  • press 3 for Record Your Name
  • follow the prompts

Reply to a Message Left in Your Mailbox

You can respond directly to message left in your mailbox when you are given the option at the end of the message. To reply by voice mail system, press 8 at the end of the message. To reply by calling the extension of the person who left the message, press 88 the end of the message. Note: This option applies only to PVAMU mailbox messages.

Sending a Copy of a Message to Another Mailbox

After reviewing a message, to send a copy of the message to someone else, press 6 and following the prompts. You will be asked to record an introduction to the message and then to enter the destination mailbox number (4 digit telephone number). Messages can only be sent to another PVAMU mailbox.

Skip a Greeting

When a call goes to voice mail, to bypass the greeting and leave a message right away Press #. At the tone, leave a message.

Cancel an Action

Press * to cancel an action. This can be used to

  • erase and rerecord a message
  • re-enter a destination number if you make a mistake

Exit to a Menu or Exit System

  • Press * to exit. This can be used to
  • backup to the previous menu
  • exit the system from the main menu.

Forwarding Your Phone to Voice Mail

Although most phones call forward no answer and call forward busy to voice mail, when you leave your office for extended periods of time (meetings, lunch hour, after 5:00 p.m., vacations, etc), it is recommended that you forward your phone directly to voice mail. The caller will hear your message immediately instead of having to wait for your phone to forward.

Forwarding to Voicemail:

To forward your phone press the Call Fwd key (indicator will flash)

  • the number on your screen should be 6100.

If not, enter 6100

  • press Call Fwd key (indicator will remain solid)
  • Feature is now activated

To Remove Forwarding press Call Fwd key (indicator will disappear)


If you call someone frequently, you can skip their greeting by pressing # when the greeting starts.

When listening to your messages

  • To skip a message and go onto the next message press #.
  • To rewind a message back 10 seconds press 1. To rewind back to the beginning of a message, press 11.
  • To get to the end of a message quickly, press 33.
  • To playback a message at a slower speed, continue to press 4 until the message playback is slower.
  • To playback a message at a faster speed, continue to press 6 until the message playback is faster.
  • To playback messages so that it is louder, continue to press 9 until the message playback is at the desirable sound level.

*NOTE: if you delete a voicemail message in your inbox, it will delete the message from your phone as well. You do not need to check your voicemail from your phone to delete or foreword messages*

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