PantherTracks FAQ’s


How do i find out what my username and password is for PantherTracks?
Your username and password are the same as your logon for your computer in your office.

I cannot choose a particular term, why is that?
Only those faculty members that are active for that term are allowed to see information for that term.

Where do i enter the final grades for my students?
You will look for the “Faculty services” tab and then click on “Final Grades and Attendance Reporting”.

Do i have to enter the last attend date for all students even if they stopped attending my class?
Yes. You have to enter the date as well as the appropriate grade.

I went to view my class summary list and the current semester was not an option for me to select, why can’t i see this information?
If you are not actively teaching classes in the current semester, you will not see the current semester as one of your options. If you are an advisor for the current semester, then you will be able to see the Class Summary List but you will have to contact the Office of Information resource Management and make sure that your advisor capabilities are active.

Why are there no students listed under my advisor listing?
Only those students that you have been directly assigned to in Banner will show up in your advisor listing.