Accessing Laserfiche

Gaining access to Laserfiche involves setting up your account, undergoing training on the system and installation of software for the scanner on your computer.

  • The department must complete the Laserfiche Security Access Request Form and submit it to the Office of Information Resource Management at
  • The individual will have to be trained on the basics of navigating the system. Training dates are monthly but depending on your needs, special training can be scheduled. In certain instances if there is a power user in the department that feels comfortable providing the training, then that person can do so and sign off on the Departmental Training Acknowledgement form and then forward that to the Office of Information Resource Management via email at
  • Once training is complete the department will be notified when the account has been created.
  • If the department already has a scanner, then they can start scanning. If a scanner is needed, the Office of Information Resource Management can provide one. At this point the department will have to contact the IT department so that they can install the necessary software on the computer.