Banner FAQ’s

How do I get access to Banner?

Please read the instructions provided on each of the forms, which are located in the Forms Library. Further instructions on how to complete the appropriate forms and how to route them for approval are on the respective forms.

Is Banner available from home or off-campus?

No. Banner is only available from within the network. You may access Banner from off network through a VPN connection. VPN access is requested through the Information Security Office.

Is the Office of Information Resource Management responsible for approving Banner access?

No. We are just the custodian of the process. Banner access is requested through the appropriate class/information owners. Requesting supervisors should determine what level of access their employees need and then forward the request to the identified information owner for approval. Once all approvals have been required, the request should then be forwarded to the Office of Information Resource Management for processing.

May I attend training without an account?

No. Training is hands on and will require you to login. Individuals should have an existing account or new users should have a completed request submitted to the Office of Information Resource Management for processing at least 2 days prior to attending a training class.

I am a new Banner user, do I have to attend Banner training?

Yes. Due to the sensitive data housed in the Banner system, all new users must receive Banner training. The Office of Information Resource Management offers monthly trainings for new and existing users. In some instances, departments may request to train their own employees in lieu of the standard navigation training. In this case, departments should complete the Training Acknowledgement form that is available in the Forms Library.

How long do I get to keep my Banner account for?

An account will only exist as long as the user requires the access to perform their job duties. Accounts are terminated when users leave the university or transfer between departments. In the case of transfers, the new supervisor must determine if the employee requires Banner access and should submit a new request for an account. Accounts may also be deleted due to prolonged inactivity in excess of 150 consecutive days.

How do I get my password reset?

Your username and password are the same as your PVAMU network account. You can reset the account by going to

If you continue to have issues, please visit Information Technology Services in S R Collins room 126 with picture ID.

What are Banner classes?

Classes are a grouping of Banner pages that have been created by information owners. Classes are generally grouped based on job role or function and are assigned to users.

What are Banner pages?

These are pages within Banner that allows you to enter and look up information on individuals.

How do I get to see the names of these pages?

When you login to Banner, type in GUAUPRF (General User Preferences Maintenance) in the search field. You will then see the option to “Display Form Name” on the title bar as well as the menu. Check both boxes.  Close that window and log out of the system. When you next login, you will then be able to see the names of the forms.

I see different abbreviations that are entered into the field areas but I don’t know what they mean. How can I find out?

Look at the field that you see the abbreviation in and if you see an elipses (…), you can click on it and a window will pop-up and it will give a description of the abbreviations that are valid for that field.

What is a PIDM?

PIDM stands for Personal Identification Master. It is an internal identification number that Banner assigns to entities such as a person. This PIDM is unique to each person.