Project Request Guide

Important: The Office of Information Resource Management and Information Technology Services should be contacted and consulted with prior to purchasing any new software application that may interface with Banner. We will work with the requesting department to develop an appropriate timeline for the integration with Banner.

The following steps are required for project submission:

  • Contact the Office of Information Resource Management to set preliminary project scope and timeline.
  • Meet with ITS to determine project requirements, finalize timeline and the deliverables.
  • Submit the completed Project Requirement and Approval document to the Office of Information Resource Management.

Failure to follow the above steps will lead to delays in your project and receiving a lower priority in the overall project queue.

Keys to a successful project

Set appropriate expectations – Understand what is expected of you and the ITS lead member that is working with you. Make sure expectations and responsibilities are clearly defined.

Choose realistic and attainable Start and End dates – Most projects follow a system development life cycle (SDLC). That life cycle involves requirement gathering, design, testing and implementation.

  • Allow ample time for each part of the SDLC.
  • Understand that you and the ITS lead have other projects, assignments, responsibilities and priorities that fall beyond the scope of the project.
  • Allow extra time in your project timeline for outside factors that may influence active work on the project.

Stay involved – The requestor’s involvement does not end after the project has been approved and handed off to the ITS lead. Requestors are expected to be involved in all steps of the SDLC. ITS will often be in communication with you to gather, write (re-write) requirements, testing and provide feedback. Be responsive to ITS communications regarding your project.


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