Current Dashboards

Each dashboard title includes multiple individual dashboards to provide several views of the data.  To view dashboards, click on the dashboard title and select the link of your choice.  Dashboard titles are closed by clicking the title again or selecting a different title.

Enrollment Quick Facts
Enrollment Statistics
Fast Facts by Term
University Applicant Matriculation
Enrollment Snapshots
University Trend Enrollments
Unduplicated Enrollments by Academic Year
University "Term" Enrollments
University Enrollments by College
University Enrollments by Major
University Enrollments by Special Populations
Student Enrollments and FTE
Enrollments by Single College and Single Term
College Enrollments by Special Populations
Northwest Campus Enrollments
International Enrollments
STEM Enrollments
Grade Distribution
Degrees Awarded
Degrees Awarded by College
Faculty Data
Faculty Trend Data

To view historical data for earlier terms, CLICK HERE.