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  • Welcome in Various Languages
  • Chinese Female (Opera Costume), Alcazar Queen's Bath, Masked Dogon Ritual Dancer
  • Indian Bride, Baby Panda, Cape Gooseberries
  • Great Wall of China, Giraffe at Sunset, Blue Caves on Zakynthos Island
  • Masai Women, Wooden Boat in Water, Colorful Houses (Guanajuato)
  • Colorful Peppers, Large Wave, Kapok Tree Trunk
  • Tower Bridge, Stockholm City, Swiss Alps
  • Collage-T8
  • Wedding Pattern on Hands and Indian Attire, King Ramses II Sculpture, Paper Fans and Red Lanterns (Chinese New Year Decorations)
  • Colorful Building Roofs (Bahamas), Himeji Castle and Cherry Blossoms, Glacier Perito Moreno
  • Pagoda and Stupa, Koala Bear, Leaning Tower (Pisa)
  • Vineyard, Lyon City with Fourviere Cathedral, Salt (Dead Sea Coastline)
  • Cologne Cathedral with Hohenzollern Bridge at Night, Hayath Bakshi Begum Tomb – India, Temple of Heaven
  • Ornamental Door of Alcazar, Tinmal Mosque, Golden Door of Royal Palace (Morocco)
  • Great Wall of China, Aarburg Castle, Egyptian Spices
  • Cheetah, Fish with Coral, Springbok
  • Chinese Lanterns, Masai Jewelry, Indian Bangles
  • Giraffes, Conch Shells, Indian Sweet Jalebi
  • Bamboo, Tiger, Cocoa Pods
  • Budda Statue, Dates, Canadian Parliament
  • African Women Carrying Baskets on Their Heads Climbing Mountain, Women on Beach Carrying Items, Indian Women on Road Carrying Items on Their Heads
  • Mandrill, Wildebeest, Meerkat Family
  • Indian Bride (Wedding Attire and Flower Bouqet), Positano, Italy, Castle
  • Masks
  • Cape Town, Golden Domes of Catherine’s Palace, Triumphal Arch of Barcelona
  • Jacaranda Tree, Heidelberg Castle, Colorful Shoes
  • Moroccan Style Door Knocker and Decoratively Carved Wood Door, Butchart Gardens, Manarola at Night
  • Belize Mayan Ruins, Henna, Alpine Village
  • Tunisian Lamps, Jizo Statues, African Mask
  • Tower Bridge at Night, Paris City Hall at Night, Dubai Hotel
  • Blue Mosque Interior, Lion, Lavender

international Affairs Logo

Welcome to International Affairs at Prairie View A&M University.


The mission of International Affairs is to enhance the University’s international presence and engagement through leadership, support, and development of activities and exchanges that create a deeper global awareness among students, faculty, staff, and other stakeholders.


The initiatives of International Affairs stimulate discussion of global issues and create ideas that have a positive, meaningful impact on the world.


     Lisa Fields
     Coordinator of International Affairs

     Prairie View A&M University
     P.O. Box 519, Mail Stop 1100
     Prairie View, TX 77446
     (936) 261-2136


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