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Microsoft Office 2007

Below you will find web-based training for Microsoft Office 2007.  MS Office 2007 is the primary software used at the University for word processing, presentations, spreadsheets, charts and tables.

Word (Overview)

Excel (Overview)

Outlook (Overview)

PowerPoint (Overview)


The tutorials below will assist you in understanding key elements in processing leave, works’ compensation and separations of employment.

  1. Introduction (PDF) (PowerPoint)
  2. Employee’s Role (PDF) (PowerPoint)
  3. Manager, Delegate, Approver’s Role (PDF) (PowerPoint)
  4. Logging Into LeaveTraq (PDF) (PowerPoint)
  5. Delegates (PDF) (PowerPoint)
  6. Approving Leave Documents as a Delegate (PDF) (PowerPoint)
  7. Submitting Leave for an Employee (PDF) (PowerPoint)
  8. Rules for Submitting Time Sheets (PDF) (PowerPoint)
  9. Rejected Document (PDF) (PowerPoint)
  10. Scenario (PDF) (PowerPoint)
  11. Emergency Leave Submission Workflow Diagram (PDF) (PowerPoint)
  12. Conclusion (PDF) (PowerPoint)
  13. FAQs for Employees (PDF) (PowerPoint)
  14. FAQs for Managers (PDF) (PowerPoint)
  15. FAQs for Leave Coordinators (PDF) (PowerPoint)
  16. Help (PDF) (PowerPoint)

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