Customized Trainings

Customer Service
This 2-hour module will provide the participant the opportunity to identify the importance of customer service; define who their customers are and the skills necessary to handle an angry customer.

Effective Communication
In this 2-hour module, we will explore the different ways we communicate with each other, the barriers to effective communication and strategies to improve our communication skills.

Team Building
There is nothing more frustrating than trying to work in an environment where everyone is working off their own agenda. This 2-hour module will give you the fundamental skills to begin to organize your department into a focused and well organized team.

Problem Solving and Decision Making
In this 2-hour module the participants will be able to identify the steps of problem solving; use of the analytical techniques in each step to improve the communication skills that play a vital role in each step, and apply the system to real-life problems as they occur in the future.

Conflict Resolution
This 2-hour module will allow the participants to identify how their perception of issues will affect their response to conflict in the workplace. The participants will be able to list productive and destructive responses and determine constructive approaches to be used in the workplace.

Establishing a Work-Life Balance
Determining what is really important in one’s life is a cause of great stress. This 1-hour module presented by the University of Texas Employee assistance Program (UTEAP) will present strategies to help the participants establish a work-life balance.

Stress Management
This 1-hour module presented by the University of Texas Employee Assistance Program (UTEAP), provides insight into the causes of stress and strategies to deal with stress in the workplace.