Employees Role (TimeTraq)

TimeTraq is designed to make the employee’s interaction with the system as simple and easy to understand as possible. In fact, employees will generally use only three screens in TimeTraq:

  • Employee’s Timesheet Screen
  • Timesheet Entry Screen
  • Timesheet submission Screen


It is important for employees to be aware that it is up to them to enter and submit their own timesheets. TimeTraq’s timesheets are not created with a default set of hours already entered – the employee must enter his/her time. An Adloc’s timesheets are submitted to payroll on a regular schedule. Therefore, it is very important that employees complete their timesheets in a timely fashion. If a Bi-weekly paid employee fails to complete his/her timesheet, it is possible that the employee will not be paid on time. Note: though monthly paid employees must use TimeTraq if their Adloc is configured to support monthly positions, they will not be paid through TimeTraq.

If an employee does not know the Adloc’s requirements in regards to the submission of timesheets, he/she should contact the department administrator for the Adloc’s A list of department and central administrators can be found on TimeTraq’s support screen.

Logging In

TimeTraq uses Single Sign-On (SSO) for its login/security provider. To log in, an employee should simply go to the SSO website, log in using their UIN and password, and select TimeTraq from the SSO main menu. If TimeTraq is not in the employee’s SSO menu, he/she should contact an appropriate department administrator.

TimeTraq Screens

As mentioned above, employees generally only need to use a few screens in TimeTraq. However, there are additional screens that the employee has access to that can provide helpful information. The employee Overview screen, for instance, shows detailed information about the employee’s Job configuration that might be of interest to an employee.


TimeTraq does not support the entry of leave time in timesheets. Instead, TimeTraq is integrated with LeaveTraq, the system-wide leave administration system for budgeted employees. While it is not mandatory for Adloc’s that use TimeTraq to also use LeaveTraq, these applications will generally be used in tandem. Therefore it is a good idea for budgeted employees to understand how the two applications work together.

Getting Help

If an employee needs help with the TimeTraq system, he/she should review the Employee Frequently Asked Questions. If this does not resolve the problem, the employee should contact a department administrator for the Adloc’s that owns his/her job. An easy way to do so is by using the TimeTraq support screen.

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