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Leave Coordinators

The Department Head is responsible for appointing Leave Coordinators for their respective departments and these points of contacts are subject to change. It is the responsibility of the Department Head to keep the University Leave Administrator informed of any changes.

The University Leave Administrator hosts regular meeting with the various Leave Coordinators so as to keep them informed of any changes that will effect how employees use their leave/sick time. The scheduled dates for these meetings are viewable on the Human Resources Calendar.

As the Leave Coordinator, you may have a few questions as to your role and how to better serve the employees within your department, for this purpose we are providing a listing of frequently asked questions.

The University Leave Administrator can be contacted via telephone at (936) 261-1730.

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Key Concepts for Departmental Leave Coordinators

Leave Transaction

Leave administrators have the ability to enter transactions as needed to correctly maintain the employee’s leave balances. With the exceptions of establishing a new employee, terminating an employee, or recording the earning of Compensatory Time, under regular ongoing circumstances use of the “Transaction Entry” page will not be required. The following are some of the reasons you would use the “Transaction Entry” page:

  • Correcting or adjusting an employee’s accruals.
  • Submitting a Leave document on behalf of an employee (emergency situation).

Pending Documents and Document Update

Documents show up in the administrators “Pending Document” page after an employee closes and submits a leave document. Leave administrators have the authority to take the following actions against documents:

  • Perform an administrative review and “OK” a document.
  • Reject the document back to the employee (if not compliant with policies only).
  • Cancel a leave document (with the approved form).

The following actions can be taken against all documents (even if they are not on the “Pending Documents” page):

  • Cancel a leave document (with the approval of the employee and supervisor).
  • Alter the FMLA, Parental Leave , or Parent Teacher Conference flag on a document item.

Performing Administrative Review

The purpose of the administrative review is to insure that the employee’s use of leave is within policy.  Once this is done, the “Review OK” button can be pressed. Documents can be reviewed and OK directly from the pending documents tab, or the administrator can perform this function by selecting the document and performing the “review” function from the document update tab.

Rejecting Documents

You may also reject documents.  If the document is rejected, the employee should follow up and either a) Change and resubmit the document, or b) Cancel the document.

Canceling Documents

Canceling a document is a final action on a document.  No more actions can be taken on a document after it has been canceled.  Canceling is normally used if the employee withdraws their request for leave or the leave is never used for some other reason.  A document can also be canceled so you can “start over”. Leave Coordinators should have a request in writing from the employee with approval from the supervisor before canceling a leave document.

Reporting Relationships

Leave administrators are also responsible to maintain reporting relationships.  In LeaveTraq, an employee can have up to ten (10) managers, based on the manager roles described under “Concepts for Managers”.  At least one manager should have approval authority. When an employee is designated as someone else’s manager, he or she will receive the Managers Tab when he/she signs on to LeaveTraq.  All employees who are set up as approval managers are given the following capabilities:

  • They will receive documents in their Inbox, which they (or a delegate) must approve.
  • Their actions will be recorded in the document action log and their outbox.

On the reporting relationships page, you may also mark a PIN as “Info Only” or “Reader.”  If the PIN is marked as “Info Only”, the position (PIN) occupant will only receive an email when the employee requests leave.

Removing/Changing Managers

When a change is required in a manager for an employee, documents that are pending approval by the manager (PIN) should not be left “in limbo.”  LeaveTraq will return an error if you attempt to remove or change a manager position (PIN) and that manager still has documents that are awaiting approval.

Before the change can be made, the old (or current) manager should clean out his INBOX of all pending documents or the departmental or central leave administrator can cancel all pending documents.  The employees will then have to re-submit all of the documents for approval by the new manager, once one is designated.

Primary & Secondary Coordinators


  • Review all leave documents.  Note: Leave documents needing review will be listed on the “Pending Documents” tab, under LeaveTraq.
  • Review leave documents in each of the following tabs:

Documents waiting for Admin Review
Documents needing managers approval
Documents not yet submitted
Rejected Documents

  • After reviewing the leave documents you will need to send emails to all employees or managers that have documents in any of the tabs listed above. The employee will need to be given a date of when the document needs to be completed in its entirety.
  • Ensure that the employee’s use of leave is within TAMUS Policy guidelines and submitted within the week.
  • Resolve questions with employees about accruals and extended absences.
  • Ensure that balances are correct and all documents are completed before an employee transfers or terminates.
  • Resetting passwords and unlocking accounts for students, faculty, and staff .
  • Providing students, faculty and staff with their UIN’s.
  • Check the status of documents “In Progress”, rejected documents and those documents needing managerial approval.
  • Send reminders to employees that have  incomplete documents.
  • Forward supporting documentation or employee’s leave documents such as doctor’s excuses, jury summons and to the Office of Human Resources.
  • Ensure employees submit leave documents when absent from work. In an emergency situation, leave documents will be submitted on behalf of the employee.
  • Verify dates of leave documents for accuracy.
  • Assigning managers for approval in the LeaveTraq System.

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