Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions

All full-time staff positions covered by this compensation program shall have a generic job description that includes the Prairie View A&M University job title, a general job summary, a list of major duties and responsibilities, and job requirements (that is, minimum education, experience, and other qualification requirements for the position). An official job description will be created, when necessary, which will include any additional duties or responsibilities specific to the department.
The job title on the job description will be used for all personnel records and publications. New staff positions or classifications may not be established and filled without prior evaluation by the Compensation Specialist.
Job descriptions are used to:
  • Evaluate and classify jobs to determine appropriate internal position relationships;

  • Communicate to new or existing employees the fundamental duties and responsibilities of their jobs;

  • Provide job information that can be used to determine competitive pay relationships in the labor market;

  • Provide job information that can be used in the recruitment and selection process;

  • Provide job information, which can be used in employee relations’ matters, such as performance appraisal, employee orientation, employee complaint process, and identification of training and development needs; and

  • Ensure compliance with government legislation.
Changes in the duties of a job may require re-analysis and re-evaluation of a job description. Where changes are judged significant (at least 25 percent) by the supervisor or manager, the supervisor should complete a Position Description Audit Questionnaire (PDAQ) and solicit review by the appropriate university budget head. The university budget head signs the PDAQ and forwards it through the appropriate administrative channels (see PVAMU PAWS system) that include the Office of Human Resources and the VP for Business Affairs.
Job Description (Sample)

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