System Overview

The PV PAWS (Position Attribute Website System) was implemented to take the place of the old way of submitting countless pieces of paper when a department or college needed to advertise and fill a vacant position. The system provides users with the ability to:

  • Update a position description
  • Reclassify a position
  • Fill a vacant position

The system achieves this by capturing and retaining information on the job descriptions and stores it in a repository for future use when so needed. The system will route the completed document electronically with an email notification being sent to each user when an action needs to be taken on the document.

Gaining Access to PV PAWS

Access to the PV PAWS system is dependent upon each department having an Account Profile & Electronic Routing Form on file in the Fiscal Office. The individuals that are given access are the names that are entered in the section “Electronic Payroll Action”. This section will determine who are either:

  • Creators
  • Managers/Department Heads
  • Dean/Directors
  • Area Pre-Approvers
  • Vice Presidents

Steps to gain Access

  1. Complete the Account Profile & Electronic Routing Form, and submit for approval by the various signatures listed on the form.
  2. Completed form should be submitted to the Office of Fiscal Affairs
  3. The Office of Fiscal Affairs will send a copy to the Office of Human Resources.
  4. The users requesting access will be notified by email with instructions on how to set up an account.

User Types

The system as various “User Types” with different levels of access to the system. It is recommended that each department designate a creator and a backup creator.

Creators Creates/Edits information
Managers/Department Heads Reviews information
Dean/Director Creates/Edits information
Area Pre-Approver Reviews information
Vice President  Reviews/Edits information
Office of Sponsored Programs Reviews information
Budget Officer  Reviews information

Action Steps

The system offers several steps that you can take depending upon the needs of the department.

New Position
New Position & Fill
Update Position
Update Position and Fill
Reclassify/Change Position Salary
Reclassify/Change Position Salary & Fill
Request to Fill

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