What is PV PAWS? The Prairie View A&M University Online Position Description System is known as PV PAWS, or Prairie View’s Position Attribute Web Site. The system replaces the current paper Position Description Questionnaire and Request to Fill Vacant Position form allowing the hiring department to combine both steps into one single action. The system will allow departments to complete, submit and move the Position Description through the necessary approvals quickly and efficiently, according to the workflow design for each position request. It is internet based, and is available 24/7.

How do I get started? First an account profile must be established with the Office of Accounting / Department of Fiscal Affairs. The establishment of a profile for the P.A.W.S. system is similar to the EPA account profile form. Once the account profile is established, set up a username and password by logging onto the website at Click on create user account. Fill in the information as required. Submit the request to Human Resources. The Office of Human Resources will notify you, by email, that your user account has been approved.

I can’t remember my password. What should I do? In the event that you forget or misplace your username or password, you may contact the HR Team via-email at Provide your full name, department, address and phone number. HR does not have access to your password, only to your username. You will receive an email confirmation once your password has been reset by HR.

I am having problems using the Back button to get to a prior page. What do I do? Do not use your browser’s “back”, “forward”, or “refresh” buttons to navigate the on-line position description system. This may cause unexpected loss of date or being logged out of the system. Use only the navigational buttons within the site.

What position description actions are available? Seven actions are allowed for the on-line position description. The seven actions are:

  • New Position – This action allows for the creation of a new budgeted position without filling the position. When this action has been completed and approved the position is seated in the department’s library of approved positions. When the department is ready to post the position, a request to fill position (action 7) is then completed to posted the already approved position.
  • New Position and Fill – This action allows for the creation and filling of a new budgeted position.
  • Reclassify/Change Position Salary – This position allows for the reclassification and changing of a position salary.
  • Reclassify/Change Position Salary and Fill – This position allows for the reclassification, changing of a position salary and filling of the Position.
  • Update Position – This action allows for position updates and edits.
  • Update Position and Fill – This action allows for updates, edits and filling of position.
  • Request to Fill Position (No change to Position) – This action allows for filling of a position when no changes are needed.

Are position descriptions stored in electronic format only or do I need to print and place them in the employee’s personnel file? Position descriptions are stored electronically and are to be placed in an employee’s personnel file after the employee has signed the document.

What is a position description? A position description is a clear and concisely written statement of responsibilities, knowledge, skills and abilities of a position.

Why is a position description important? A job description records the job activities/duties, qualifications, reporting relationships, responsibilities and working conditions of a position. It forms the basis for determining position titles, salaries, overtime status, physical requirements of the job and it assists with succession management. It enables pay and grading systems to be structured fairly and logically. It is an essential reference tool for discipline issues and for training and development areas. Position descriptions form the foundation for a sound compensation program used to select, hire, place and promote applicants or current employees into positions for which they are best suited.

Why must position descriptions be accurate? Detailed and accurate information is essential and necessary in order to properly classify a position. Position descriptions must be accurate because they are also linked to the performance appraisal process.

When should a position description be updated? Position descriptions are updated annually for content and accuracy. Position descriptions should be updated when: An employee’s level of work, responsibility or supervisory designation changes; an employee assumes more decision-making authority; and when a department restructures or reorganizes.

Are position descriptions required for all positions? Position descriptions are required for staff positions, including regular full-time, regular part-time, temporary full-time, temporary part-time, full-time grant funded, and temporary part-time grant funded positions.

Must positions descriptions be completed on-line? Yes, position descriptions must be completed on-line. There is a lot of assistance available to help you use the on-line form.

What is the importance of completing position descriptions on-line? On-line position descriptions provide a central repository for all position descriptions. There are no lost position descriptions. It provides for an efficient electronic creation and submission of position descriptions. The Office of Human Resources and other university departments will have access to the same information. Information will be easier to maintain and/or change in the future. It eliminates PAPERWORK.

Who should create the position description on-line? Position descriptions actions may be completed by the creator, manager, department head, dean, or director of a department.

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