Becoming a PV PAWS User

There are different User Types in the PV PAWS System:

  • Creator
  • Manager/Department Head
  • Dean/Director
  • Office of Sponsored Program
  • Budget Officer
  • Pre-Approver
  • Vice President
  • Vice President Business Affairs
  1. Department will have determine what type of user the employee they want to have access to be.
  2. The Department Head, Dean/Director or Vice President of the area will have to make sure that they have an updated Accounting Profile and Electronic Document Routing Form (this form captures the individuals which will have access to various systems and their user type), signed and approved by the necessary individuals and submitted to the Financial Administration Office.
  3. Once the Accounting Profile and Electronic Document Form has been submitted, the individual that needs access to PV PAWS will have to “Create User Account”.

Access will only be approved by the Office of Human Resources after receiving a copy of the approved Accounting Profile and Electronic Document Routing Form from the Financial Administration Office.

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