Temporary Staff

All temporary positions must be posted on for a minimum of five working days before a hire can be selected to fill the temporary vacancy. Details related to posting temporary positions are available here.To hire a temporary employee for a period less than 4.5 months approved by the Office of Human Resources, the following steps must be completed:

  1. Successful candidate completed an online application via the PV PATH Online Application System and should have applied for the temporary positions and met the minimum qualifications for the position being hired into.
    • Applicants’ statuses should have been changed by the hiring department to reflect the applicants interviewed, not hired and recommended for hire.
  2. Work reference checks should have been conducted, documented and maintained as part of the selection file for the temporary position. Work reference checks must date back through the period of time for which the prospective hire has acquired the minimum work experience required to perform in the position he/she is being considered for. An offer of employment may not be extended until the work reference checks have been completed.
  3. Department should have submitted a completed Confidential Release Form prior to the hiring deadline date to initiate a criminal background check. An employee may begin working as long as the Confidential Release form has been received in HR for processing.  Should the incumbent fail to clear the criminal background check, the hiring department will be asked to terminate the employee based on the offer of employment being contingent on the clearance of the criminal background check.   The Confidential Release Form contains personally sensitive information. The confidential release form contains personal sensitive information. Form cannot be emailed or attached to the Electronic Payroll Action (EPA). The form may be delivered in person or faxed to the Office of Human Resources at Ext. 1734. The following should be delivered to the Office of Human Resources as one package:
    • Signed and dated application for employment indicating the Job Posting Number and Title temporary hire is being placed into.
    • Completed Confidential Release Form
  4. Letter of Offer should have been extended to the prospective temporary hire in accordance with the templates provided by the Office of Human Resources. All written offers of employment must be routed to the appropriate Vice President’s office using the standard routing process. NOTE: Temporary hires may only be offered the minimum hourly rate or monthly salary identified for a position. Please reference Appendices A & B of the University’s Compensation Plan for pay rates and salaries.
  5. The completed Email Account Request form for the prospective employee should have been submitted to the Office of Human Resources upon written offer of employment being accepted.
  6. EPA should be routed so that it is approved by the Office of Human Resources three (3) working days prior to the temporary employee’s start date. Approval of the EPA is contingent upon the successful completion of the above listed hiring steps 1 – 4. The EPA will not be approved by the Office of Human Resources unless the PDAQ for the temporary position has been approved by all necessary approvers via PV PAWS.
    • An EWR should be completed for temporary hires that will hold Non-Exempt positions.
    • An EBR should be completed for temporary hires that will hold Exempt positions. The Temporary Pin field on the EBR will need to be indicated as “Yes”.
    • To determine whether a position is Exempt or Non-Exempt please reference Appendices A & B of the University’s Compensation Plan.
  7. New Employees are required to attend New Employee Orientation. Department will be notified by the Office of Human Resources via email that the new employee has been approved to attend New Employee Orientation. Please note that a prospective hire will not be approved to attend New Employee Orientation until the EPA has been approved by the Office of Human Resources.
    • The open hiring period will begin a week prior to the beginning of each semester (Fall, Spring and Summer) not to exceed 30 calendar days.

Note: If the temporary hire is being employed is currently on an F-1 Visa and enrolled in one course of 3 credit hours or less, then that temporary hire may not work more than 50% effort = 20 hours per week. Hiring departments must secure this information from their hire once a verbal offer has been made. The 20 hours per week work requirement will then need to be reflected in the written offer of employment.

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