Managers FAQ’s

Managers Frequently Asked Questions

How will i know when there is a document that i need to approve?
The system will send out an email notification that there is a document pending your approval. Please note that while an email is a reliable service, the delivery of messages is not guaranteed. This means that TimeTraq can send an email message successfully but the message may not be delivered for any number of reasons, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Failure on the TAMU mainframe email server.
  2. Failure on the PVAMU email server.
  3. Local Spam filters.
  4. Personal Outlook rules.
An employee is changing managers in the middle of a pay period, will both managers approve the timesheet?
Timesheets are routed to first/next approver at the time an action is taken.

  • If we assume that both supervisors need to approve the “transitional” timesheet, both supervisors must be set up as approvers of the employee’s job during the transitional pay period. Then after the timesheet is completely approved, the former manager can be removed from the approver list.
  • If we instead assume that only one of the supervisors needs to approve the timesheet in question, the approving manager should be the only one set up on the employee’s job as an approver.

If a manager is out of the office and a timesheet needs to be approved, what can be done?
A manager can set up one or more Delegates, who can act on his/her behalf, to submit the required timesheets. To do this, a manager can use the Delegates function in TimeTraq. Alternatively the department administrator can configure Delegates on a department-wide basis.

When a manager tries to recall a document, TimeTraq says that he/she isn’t the current approver, why?

If a subsequent manager in the job’s approval chain has already approved the timesheet, the timesheet can no longer be recalled by the manager. In this case, the other approving manager must recall the document before any action can be taken on it.

How does a manager reject a timesheet with erroneous data?

A manager rejects a timesheet by selecting it from his/her inbox and running the “Reject” command from the Timesheet Overview screen.

A manager approved a timesheet and needs to recall it. How can he/she get the timesheet back?

The manager’s outbox contains a list of timesheets he/she has acted upon. If the timesheet hasn’t been sent to payroll, a Recall button will be displayed next to the timesheet information. Assuming another manager in the approval chain hasn’t approved the document, recalling the timesheet will move it back to the manager’s inbox.

A submitted timesheet didn’t show up in the manager’s inbox, where is it?

Employees whose jobs have more than one approver, will have their timesheets routed to these approvers in sequence. If the manager isn’t the first approver in the list, he/she must wait until his predecessor approves the timesheet before it will arrive in his/her inbox.
Note that a higher level manager can still access the timesheet through the Employees tab. Further, a higher level manager’s approval can supersede and circumvent a lower level manager’s approval.


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