All employees at Prairie View A&M University are entitled to earn leave on a monthly basis. The University offers various paid and unpaid leave programs, such as Sick and Vacation Leave, Sick Leave Pool, Family Medical Leave (FMLA), and Military Leave, just to name a few.

The University Leave Administrator is available to assist employees with their leave questions or concerns if their departmental Leave Coordinator is unavailable to assist them. The Leave Administrator can be contacted via email at leaveteam@pvamu.edu or by telephone at (936) 261-1730.

While employees are entitled to use their leave, a request for any type of leave must be submitted and approved in advance. This can be done through the University’s LeaveTraq System, which is accessible through the Single Sign On program.

Leave Types

The A&M System provides many types of leaves to regular employees (those budgeted for at least 50% time for at least 41/2 months, except students employed in positions that require student status as a condition for employment).

Eligible employees on paid status for at least part of a month earn vacation and sick leave hours on the first day of that month. The hours are credited to an employee’s leave balance and are available to the employee only after the employee reports to work.

Employees on leave without pay for an entire calendar month do not accrue vacation and sick leave for that month. Employees must apply for leave using the Leave Traq System.

Leave Procedures

Submitting a Leave Document

All employees must submit a leave form on LeaveTraq (prior to leaving the University), with the exception of employees traveling on university related business, where a paper leave form should be completed and submitted to the Travel Office. Employees must submit leave forms thru LeaveTraq. Employees must submit leave form for use of Vacation, Sick, Leave of Absence with Pay, Leave without pay, Jury Summons and all other leave following under any of the categories as stated above. Employees must have approval prior to leaving the University. If an immediate supervisor is not available for approval, the supervisor’s delegate can approve documents. Log on at https://sso.tamus.edu/.


Canceling a Leave Document

Employees wishing to cancel a leave form must do so within the week of the event. If any approvals have been signed on the leave form, then the employee can not cancel without immediate supervisor signature. The employee will need to print the document from LeaveTraq, state the reason for cancellation, sign, date, immediate supervisor sign, and date, and then forward to the Departmental Leave Coordinator to cancel out of the system. If the employee is wishing to cancel a portion of the leave document, they will need to follow the steps as stated above. Once the steps above have been completed the Departmental Leave Coordinator will cancel the document then the employee will need to log into LeaveTraq and resubmit the document and forward to the Office of Human Resources.


Requesting Time From Sick Leave Pool

Employees or their immediate family members who have a catastrophic illness may apply for time from the Sick Leave Pool by using the Sick Leave Pool Form and the medical certification form. The employee will need to have to medical certification form completed prior to exhausting all leave balances. The Sick Leave pool cannot go retroactive.  All parts of the form must be completed in their entirety with strong emphasis on the date of return, a brief description of the illness and any other field offering as much detail information as possible. The Office of Human Resources will make a decision if this event is considered to be a catastrophic illness and a letter will be generated.


Requesting Prior State Service

All employees wanting Prior Service Verification must complete the  Prior Service Verification Form. Once the form is complete, the employee will submit to the Office of Human Resources Central leave Coordinator. The Central Leave Coordinator will forward the information to the proper state agencies. Once all information has been provided from other state agencies, The Central Leave Coordinator will provide a letter to the Office of Payroll as well as the employee will also receive a copy of the letter verifying state service. If any BRP money is due or back pay for longevity, this will be stated in the letter.

 University Administrative Procedures



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