Exiting Employees

Now that your employment with Prairie View A&M University is coming to an end we hope the experience has been a positive contribution to your growth and development. To ensure that the experience remains positive, there are certain steps that must be taken to make your transition a smooth one. The information below provides a guide as to what needs to be done to complete your departure process from the university.

Effective January 10, 2014, all faculty/staff exit clearances will be performed through the Clearance Portal. For your convenience we have provided a Clearance Portal Tutorial for assistance with the steps in the clearance process. Thank you for all of your hard work.

Should you have further questions or concerns, please contacclearanceteam@pvamu.edu

Employee Clearance  ( Clearance Procedure )

All employees (including graduate assistants) terminating employment, retiring, or transferring to another department within the University or to a company or institution must have an exit interview with the Office of Human Resources prior to departure date. The Employee Clearance procedure is also designed to assure that all University property, keys and any outstanding debts owed to the University are cleared prior to the employee’s departure.  However, should an employee depart without completing the clearance process, the University may choose to take all appropriate steps required to ensure the return of all University property and/or the collection of any debts owed to the University at the time of the employee’s departure. The Human Resources Representative responsible for clearing individuals is the Leave Administrator and in her absence, the Benefits Specialist.

Involuntary Terminations for Cause  ( Procedure )

All employees shall be subject to termination for cause at any time by the appointing authority, as set out in System Policy 01.03, Appointing Power and Terms and Conditions of Employment. Termination for cause of a non-tenured faculty member by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) shall be confirmed by the Chancellor. The dismissal for cause of a tenured faculty member by the CEO shall be confirmed by the Chancellor and by the Board of Regents. The University has the right to terminate non-faculty employee for adequate cause. The following procedures will be followed for terminating an employee for cause.

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