System-wide Pay Plan & You

Staff Employees

The System-wide Pay Plan, effective December 1, 2016, includes new title codes, title descriptions, standardized job descriptions (JDs) and assigned pay grades for all staff positions that are included in the Pay Plan. This includes most staff positions at Prairie View A&M University and all TAMUS member institutions and agencies. Staff positions that are excluded from the Pay Plan include Board-appointed executive titles and senior management titles, coaches and others. Once finalized, all titles that are part of the Pay Plan as well as a list of excluded titles will be posted here.

Initiators, Department Admins, Managers and Supervisors of Staff

As frequent users of the PV TALENT online system, Initiators and supervisors of staff positions will be impacted by the System-wide Pay Plan implementation. There will be a transition period in which the new titles and pay grade information will be loaded to PV TALENT System. This transition period will impact staff vacancy postings, reclassifications and the creation of new staff positions. The transition period will be kept as short as possible to minimize the impact on hiring and other staff-related actions. Additional details about the transition period and when the new titles will become available for use in PV TALENT will be provided at a later date.

Faculty, Faculty-equivalent Research, Graduate Assistant, Student and Other Excluded Positions

Positions in these categories are excluded from the System-wide Pay Plan, and therefore will not have a standardized job description or assigned pay grade. However, as part of the effort to begin using a single list of titles among all TAMUS Members, all position titles will have a new four-digit title code by December 1, 2016. Changing of the numeric title code for these excluded titles should have no impact on the positions or the title descriptions.