System-Wide Pay Plan FAQs

Q: When is the System-Wide Pay Plan being implemented?

A: December 1, 2016 is the effective date for the new titles and pay structures.

Q: Will my title change?

A: Most likely. You will notice a change in your title description if you are in a staff title that is included in the System-wide Pay Plan. In an effort to reduce the overall number of titles across the Texas A&M University System (TAMUS), minimize title duplication and increase consistency, some titles have been consolidated or changed. All titles are getting assigned new four-digit numeric title codes for implementation, even if the description is staying the same. As members of the project team, the Office of Human Resources at PVAMU has taken every care to preserve those titles that are integral to the business needs of our institution and those which are widely used.

Q: Will my salary change?

A: Most staff employee salaries will not change. However, the new System-Wide Pay Plan includes pay grades for many titles that have never been standardized in this way. Any Texas A&M University employee making below the new minimum will receive a salary increase.  Employees below the minimum of the new pay range under the new System-wide Pay Plan will have their salary raised to the minimum on December 1, 2016. There will not be any pay decreases as a result of implementing the new pay ranges, even if an employee’s pay is above the maximum of the title’s pay grade.

Q: When will I find out my title and pay range?

A: All positions are being initially mapped to System-wide Pay Plan titles by the Office Human Resources, and were communicated to departmental budget contacts for consideration. Information regarding each employee’s title and pay grade under the System-Wide Pay Plan will be communicated to employees and Budget Heads the week of November 7, 2016.

Q: If my title changes, will I experience a promotion, or a demotion?

A: Even if the new title has different minimum qualifications or a modified title description, title changes as part of the implementation are not considered promotions, demotions or even reclassifications. Position mapping to the System-wide Pay Plan titles was done using current titles and in some cases reviewing job duties according to current position descriptions. Therefore, most title changes are lateral moves, even those that are requiring a pay increase to a new minimum rate.

Q: Where can I view the new title and pay ranges online?

A: This information is not yet available online. Information will be added to the Texas A&M University System (TAMUS) website once it is available.

Q: How were the System-Wide Pay Plan titles created?

A: The System-Wide Pay Plan titles were created initially through the work of outside consultants and then updated and expanded upon through the collaborative efforts of multiple System Member HR Offices, the Pay Plan Administration committee, with final decisions being made by the Pay Plan Administrator at the System level for consistency.

Q: Why are other titles (such as faculty and student) impacted when they are not a part of the System-Wide Pay Plan?

A: All title codes (four-digit number associated with a title description) must change in order to move all System Members to a single, unified listing of titles for all employees. This unified title listing is necessary for reporting consistency and for the 2017 Workday (new HR/Payroll System) implementation.

Q: Will generic job descriptions be available online for the new titles?

A: Under the System-Wide Pay Plan, every title will have a Job Description associated with it. The descriptions were initially developed by the consultants based on existing descriptions from all members, and are in the process of being reviewed, revised and transitioned to a format for sharing online. Work is ongoing, but due to the volume of titles and descriptions, there is not a target date for when these will be available.

Q: Will any of these title changes affect my sick leave, vacation leave (annual leave) or benefits?

A: No. As long as you remain employed at the same percent-effort, you will see no changes to any of your existing benefits or leave as a result of the pay plan change.

Q: Why are some titles that have always been paid monthly changing to hourly pay?

A: Some employees will be transitioning to hourly pay as a result of the new federal minimum threshold enacted under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Positions paid under the threshold of $913 a week ($47,476 annually) will be considered non-exempt and hourly beginning December 1, 2016. Additionally, some employees have been mapped to titles that have been identified as changing to non-exempt regardless of salary level. More information on these decisions can be found on our FLSA FAQ page.

Q: Are the December 1 title changes done by the department, an EPA or is there an automatic process?

A: All titles and title codes will be updated via an automatic feed to the payroll system just before December 1, 2016. The PVAMU Office of  Human Resources is preparing the finalized file of positions for the automatic process and has been involved in testing of the data load.

Q: Will the process for requesting title and pay changes be different on December 1?

A: The System-Wide Pay Plan has pay structures impacting more titles and changing the historical use of the PVAMU Classification & Compensation Plan. Current University Rules and University Administrative Procedures (UAPs), including a compensation philosophy for staff with guidance related to pay changes will created and available on the PVAMU website when finalized.