For Friends and Family…

For Friends and Family

Victims of sexual assault, dating violence and stalking can experience a variety of feelings. The aftermath of victimization is a difficult time. Keep in mind that a victim may not simply “snap out of it.”  Victims heal in their own time… in their own way. Support them in their journey.

Be supportive of the victim and encourage them to seek help – regardless of if the victim chooses to report the crime to the authorities, victims still need help coping with the loss of power and control that they may be feeling. (RSVP is here to help victims heal.  Please call 936-261-1468 for additional information)

Let them know that nothing that has happened is their fault. Oftentimes, we as friends and family feel the urge to begin placing blame – fight the urge. The immediate need for the victim is to feel safe talking to someone. If that someone is you, please just try to listen without judgment.

Don’t play junior detective. It is not your job to try to figure out if what a victim is telling you is true. Just listen. Believe their story and be a supportive friend or family member. (If the victim chooses to report the incident to the authorities, PVAMU has experienced investigators to determine what truly took place, you do not have to take the investigation upon yourself)

Friends and Family are welcome to call RSVP at 936-261-1468 for help with supporting victims.