Know the Signs

Am I a Victim/Survivor?

Does your partner ever: 
Make you ask permission to use your personal property?
Accuse you of paying too much attention to someone or something else?
Isolate you from family or friends?
Put down/Make fun of your family or friends?
Tell you that no one else would want you?
Confine or hold you against your will?
Listen to your phone calls?
Open your mail/read your e-mail messages?
Follow you or have you followed?
Make you explain your whereabouts at all times?
Threaten to hit you?
Threaten to throw objects at you?
Threaten to use a weapon against you?
Threaten to kill you?
Throw or smash objects in your presence?
Destroy your personal property?
Threaten to harm or kill your family and/or friends?
Threaten to harm or kill him/herself if you break-up?
Hurt or mutilate him/herself to scare you?
Hit you with a fist?
Scratch you?
Pinch you?
Pull your hair?
Grab you?
Spit on you?
Bite you?
Kick you?
Burn you?
Injure you by holding you or squeezing you too tightly?
Try to strangle you ?
Hit you with an object?
Use a weapon against you (shot, stabbed, etc.)

If you have answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you may be a victim of dating violence. If you suspect that you or a friend are in an abusive relationship,  RSVP is here to help.  Our free services are offered to victims, friends and family and are confidential call 936-261-1468 for immediate assistance.  You are not alone in dealing with your situation.